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I demand an end to the use of the word...


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The word redneck has been used in a host of settings and circumstances. Some have been positive and uplifting to my people. Chest-bumping my redneck brethren under a set of confederate and #3 flags at the local track makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger. It makes me proud to be the next-in-line of a long lineage of PBR drinkers and rebel-yellers. It makes me proud to have my first name sewn onto my workshirts, and it makes me proud to have a wide selection of wife-beaters (both smooth and ribbed, tagged and no-tagged) hanging in my closet.

It makes me proud to have more wheels on my house than I have on my car. As long as I have wheels on my pickem-up truck, I can tow my house to the track. (Anybody got any ideas for getting tobaccy-spit stains off the side of my palace?)

When my boys Bubba, Leroy and Jethro come to my house, it makes me proud that all my friends have that mid-bicep "I-work-for-a-living" farmer tan. And when we roll those sleeves up, it makes me proud that I still talk to two of the girls whose names are tattooed on my arms.

But when people of other races and persuasions call me a redneck, I feel like it has a negative connotation to it. And I believe as long as that negative connotation exists, we'll be held back as a people.

Think about it. Everybody in the corporate environment has a "casual day" now. But until will we quell the redneck stereotypes and discrimination, there will never be a "plaid and cut-offs" day. Mark my words.

Fellow rednecks, it starts with us. It starts with our own conversations, and our own music. No more songs like "Redneck Yacht Club." And no more of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." Can you imagine someone doing a piece about "You might be an n-word if..." No way. Our darker-complected friends wouldn't stand for that. And neither should we, the redneckded.

Hence to for and forever more, I demand to be known as an r-word. As a good-faith offering, I will accept saying the r-word during the rasslin', racin' and Redskin seasons. (Which includes pretty much everything but May 18th this year.)

I appreciate your understanding in advance as I work to abolish the wicked stereotypes cast upon me by this cruel world. Now, if you'll excuse me, the baby needs some more Southern Comfort.

Thanks y'all. :cheers:

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HH, I will never use the word rednecks to describe those who have redneck traits.

Thanks. Besides, some of those traits do improve quality of life. (Venison jerky will kick Slim Jim ass any day of the week.) :)

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Why is your neck red?? Was your pimp slapping you while you were sucking............:D

Naw, man. Your maw REALLY liked my new fishin' boat. I mean REALLY liked it. (Or maybe it was just my rod.) ;) :laugh:

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exactly stop wearing the wife beaters and not wearing suntan lotion, then you won't be a redneck, pretty simple now isn't it :laugh: :laugh:

I don't think science has ever really proven what has the biggest influence on the nature vs. neuter debate. Or something like that.

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