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Is anyone else scared about the future?


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Nah, it's just football. I'm more scared of MY future. Just have to take the seasons year by year.

Nice to see a least 1 fan that isn't a complete wuss.

Scared? Hell no I'm not scared. It's just football and I believe in Gibbs!

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Absolutely. Our D is scary this year. AA is the biggest bust and perhaps the most costly. I think anyone who reads my posts knows I cannot stand Rogers play...that is a waste of space at corner. He is below average and I cannot picture him as staying in that position and I am not even certain there is a position for him. Vincent is getting beat. We have maybe two INT's all year, no pressure up front...and that is just the D.

We have weapons on Offense but it all starts with the OL and QB play. If Campbell is not any good we need to get rid of Brunell and Collins, and get a decent VET backup...boy we have to see. I think the OL is ok actually. Brunell had time to throw in many games, although in the Philadelphia game it did not look so hot. But I think some of these players need to come back to the ball or adjust their routes if they are not getting free, which seems to be part of the problem...

The kickers are an atrocity. Novak needs to go at the end of the season...and Frost...I practically scream every time he punts.

Man we have issues.

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You might be able to say this about all teams, but most teams aren't this bad to start with.

Springs has never been a healthy player (which is why Seatle let him go) so while he is still pretty young his body has taken a beating, and there is no reason to believe the trend will reverse. The OL is getting older, and the biggest concern is there is no young back up there. Samuels in particular has long term injuries that are never going to allow him to be 100% and will reduce the length of his career.

But it all comes down to Campbell. If you have a legitimate top notch QB. a lot of other problems go away (see the Saints), if Campbell is just avg., then we will struggle to be a playoff teams in the near future, and if Campbell is bad then we will be bad, and they should blow the thing up, have Gibbs retire, bring in a GM, and start over.

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I wish I could be a blind redskins fan. It would make it sooo much easier. Our line hasnt lost a step? Watch how much time brunell has had ALL year! Springs is no where near being done? WOW

The key to your post is how much time has BRUNELL had all year. Before you put the Oline in the nursing home let's see how much time a mobil QB who doesn't tuck tail and run, one who doesn't take a ten yard drop outside the pocket has behind this line. I think you'll see a much better line the next few weeks.

Also there haven't been too many games where teams got pressure with their front 3 or 4, it's been against the blitz where they've struggled. We get a QB who's not afraid to pull the trigger or throw the ball downfield and teams can't blitz as much or they'll get their asses handed to them. I wish you people would realize that most of our struggles with running the ball and teams blitzing starts with our QB. If defenses don't respect the QB they stack everyone including the kitchen sink in the box. That's what's killing us right now and has been all season. If Campbell comes in and hits a few deep passes or gets the ball off quick across the middle the defense softens up and we start to win ballgames. It's elementary football boys and girls. :2cents:

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