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Let's take a look at Homo's numbers, but remember, nothing is as important as that LOSS he put up: He had 12 incompletions (one during a two point conversion), sacked twice, and one rush for one yard. Let me repeat that: ONE RUSH, for ONE YARD. So I guess when people call him a "Mobile Quarterback" they just mean the city in Alabama where he's from?

Here are my numbers against Washington, in week 2: 19 completions, 237 yards, two touchdowns, and more importantly WE WON THE GAME!

Some great behind the scenes moments included Romo sits to pee throwing his helmet to the floor in frustration after our second drive in which we amassed four yards of total offense. I said, "Hey, the endzone is that way, and that's a helmet, not a football. And you're supposed to spike it AFTER you score a touchdown! Homo." Nobody got it. But I thought it was pretty funny.

:rotflmao: :laugh: That is ****in great! :laugh:

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Today we were just ripping Homo in practice. It was so awesome. I started impersonating a couple of his throws and then I ran around like a fairy, screaming like a little girl and started doing cartwheels for no reason. I was in the middle of a pantomimed tea party when they started really cracking up, and Sam said "He's lost his mind!" Finally, I understood what they were talking about... and they were right: Tony Romo sits to pee is crazy! I finally felt like I was part of the team again. I tried to give one of them a hug, I forget his name, but he kinda pushed me away. Just like a real family...


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