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WEEK NINE Picks, Pats, and Apologies (back on track)


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Last Week: 9-5

Season: 70-44

Record Picking Redskins Games: 5-2

Link to last week's thread:


Last Week's Pats: After my embarrasing picks in week 7 (went 4-9), I bounced back this week with some real strong winners. I had the Ravens over the Saints, the Colts over the Broncos, and the Browns over the Jets just to name a few. I also said Jacksonville was my "upset feeling" of the week, but I chickened out and picked the Eagles.

Last Week's Apologies: The Packers are the only team I really "slighted" last week. I've been picking them all year and losing, so I went against them and of course........

This Week's Picks:

Atlanta at Detroit: Very impressive win for the Falcons last week. But this team has been totally two-faced over the past year or so and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Detroit shocked them. Here's a shaky vote for Atlanta.

Falcons 22, Lions 20

Cincinnati at Baltimore: This is a real gut-check game for the Bengals. A loss here would put them at 4-4 and would clearly signify the Ravens as the favorite in the division. I have a feeling Palmer and company find a way to win this one.

Bengals 20, Ravens 17

Dallas at Washington: The bad news for Redskins fans? Dallas is going to shred the Redskins at home this week. The good news for Redskins fans? This loss might FINALLY force Joe Gibbs to make some significant changes.

Cowboys 30, Redskins 16

Green Bay at Buffalo: A game between two teams I've been missing on all year. Toss a coin and take the Bills at home coming off a bye week.

Bills 24, Packers 20

Houston at New York Giants: The Giants are firing on all cylinders right now. No chance the lowly Texans come into New York and throw them off their game.

Giants 31, Texans 17

Kansas City at St. Louis: Hmmmm... two teams I think are worse than their current records indicate. Could be a shoot-out, but I see Larry Johnson delivering the big blows at the end of this one.

Chiefs 23, Rams 21

Miami at Chicago: You heard it here first. Upset of the year. Miami doesn't get embarrassed.

Bears 17, Dolphins 10

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: The Saints looked a lot more like the 8-8 type team they truly are last week. I wouldn't be surprised to see them struggle for several weeks.

Bucs 20, Saints 16

Tennessee at Jacksonville: Titans look better, but Vince Young is in for a long day down in Florida.

Jaguars 19, Titans 12

Minnesota at San Francisco: The Niners have been competitve at home this year. I expect them to play much better this week after their shameful outing in Chicago. The sooner the Vikings realize Brad Johsnon is actually a weakness, the better they will be.

49ers 20, Vikings 19

Cleveland at San Diego: No Merriman? No problem this week.

Chargers 27, Browns 17

Denver at Pittsburgh: I'd hate to be the Broncos this week. They really need a victory after their heartbreaker against the Colts last week. But they catch the Steelers at the absolute worst possible time. This is "it" for Pittsburgh in 2006. I see them clawing their way and staying alive.

Steelers 17, Broncos 14

Indianapolis at New England: What a beauty. Just an awesome match-up in primetime. This game is incredibly key because it could very well determine where a possible playoff game would be played. Right now, I simply can't pick against Tom Brady at home in a pivitol situation; even with the runaway MVP this year opposing him. A dandy though.

Patriots 26, Colts 23

Oakland at Seattle: Raiders showed some heart last week, but they still haven't shown any offense. Seattle will destroy Andrew Walter.

Seahawks 20, Raiders 9

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Not impressed with the Cowboys... Sorry yes I am a hater :laugh: but the Panthers really gave them that game. I am not ready to say Homo .. I mean Romo sits to pee is the next Joe Montana or Dan Marino.

All the other picks I agree with but I still think the Saints is better than you think they are.

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Where do I sign up?

How much will I be collecting?

I think the Skins will win this week, and I believe the Dolphins might just upset the Bears.

You can have as much of your money taken as you want by betting on the Redskins in Vegas or Betus, etc. It's hard to say how Washington will come out of the bye but we certainly haven't had any indications that they will win this game.

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