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Anyone notice the NBA-like officiating last night?


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That has to be one of the more poorly officiating games I've seen in awhile.

1) Buschi mugs Moore on an interception. At the very least it was illegal contact. No call.

2) Pats big gain on a screen pass and the DB is being held and blocked in the back. No call.

3) Jermaine Wiggins makes an obvious catch, takes 3 steps, is stripped. Originally it is ruled complete, Belechik lobbies to change the call to incomplete. Challenge is somehow messed up.

4) Vikings catch a pass for first down. Flag is thrown. Theissman blows hard about "the WR extended his arms and pushed off". Upon the replay there was minimal, minimial contact.

5) Troy Williamson is thrown a deep ball, the DB holds his right arm to prevent it from reaching up for the pass. No call.

6) Near the end of the game, Sharper is flagged for a ticky-ticky-ticky-tack "illegal contact".

I didn't realize when the NFL became the NBA, and only the star teams got all the calls.

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yeah, the officiating last night was pretty much a disgrace. The more you get the refs involved, the more they'll screw up games. Let them ****ing play. I'm so tired of illegal contact calls, and they're usually so ticky tacky. I agree with Madden, too. I you lose the ball, it's a fumble, I don't give a **** if your knee hit the ground .0004 seconds before the ball came out. Hold on to the ball. They just try too hard right now. Make all replays come from the booth, put the whistles away and stop nit picking details so much. It's getting to the point where your going to need lawyers and a judge on the sidelines to argue every call, they just take it too far.

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Yeah, it was almost as bad as the officiating in the Skins against the Colts. Should be interesting next week when the league's two darlings face each other.

I can see it now...contact of any form against any big name player on either team will be an automatic 15 yarder. And the refs will be absolutely beside themselves when trying to decide which team to give favorable calls to. Maybe they'll just declare both teams winners and erect statues of Brady and Manning at midfield.

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