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  1. Can't install Livid at work so I am having no luck....Help
  2. Ok fellas, I'm down here in League City TX, at work and need some help finding the game. I could be at home watching the NFL ticket but double time was just too much to pass up!
  3. All I would need is a bullhorn, a bottle of baby oil and a dress sock...What a date with these 2 it would turn out to be.
  4. He better be glad he wasn't black...they would have called for back up and beat the crap out of him or just shot him:doh:
  5. What type of monster murders his wife and kid? Thats just too sad.
  6. I always thought he may be Hetero-challenged
  7. I have a request on behalf of some beautiful women in Ohio and MI. I can not get my wife and her friends to Join ES to save my life, but they visit everyday to see the "funny pictures". They have been saying "whats up why no more funny pictures". So can i request a slew of "the looter", "Hit it", "stfu" and Putting White Guys in Gansta Groups (Homie Won Konobi) just Toooooooo damn funny :dallasuck
  8. im starting to think i upset alot of people on this board...can't we all just get along.im a funny guy read my post history.
  9. i just got sum twice and i can still smell the luv and perfume on my face
  10. i got sum on the back porch tonite with the neighbor lady watching and waving i feel like the man
  11. Life can be a chick with a flat ass and no tits
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