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Man Killed When Beer Keg Explodes


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(AP) NEW MILFORD, Conn. Police were trying to determine who tossed a beer keg into an open fire at an outdoor party early Sunday, causing an explosion that sent shards of shrapnel slicing through a crowd of partygoers, killing one.

The explosion, which could be heard miles away, killed Sean M. Caselli, 22, of New Milford. Police say seven other people were taken to New Milford and Danbury hospitals.

Caselli, who lived with his family about a mile away from where the party was being held, died after being struck by a piece of flying metal in the neck, police said.

rest at link....

Killed a mile away from the exposion? thats crazy....

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:doh: and double :doh: :doh:

On a related note, I was camping on the beach at the lake near here once partying with a bunch of people. This douche bag who I never like was there with his one man sleeping bag tent (never understood why you'd want one of those for anything but backpacking...planning to sleep solo at the lake?). This jack ass had his gear all purtty including a little fire by his tent. When he put in a can of beans without opening it, I became instant audience. Sure enough it blew up on him and his fancy little tent sending hot beans and coals flyin. His little tent looked swiss cheese. Made me LMAO.

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We were burning a old barn on my friends property and had a keg blow up, and it was heard a mile away(confirmed by neighbor)! Big shrapnel like almost dinner plate sizes went about 50-75 feet from barn. No one was hurt and my bud didn't rememeber the thing was in there.We moved back form the fire for the rest of the night!! The things we did in the country for entertainment!

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