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Headlines From Hell!!


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Well it seems that every thread here seems to be about bashing the Skins. I think it's time to put in some humor in this forum....after all guys its just a game. There are more important things in our lives than just the Washington Redskins. Like sex...and.....well I'll think of the rest later.

Anywho, imagine if you woke up in the morning and read the paper and found these headlines in the sports page!

Terrell Owens signed to 5 year deal with Washington Redskins

Patrick Ramsey named Super Bowl MVP, Jets win after GW field goal from John Hall

Salary Cap lifted, Dan Snyder signs the NFC Pro Bowl team. The 1997 Pro Bowl team.

Ryan Leaf named starting quarterback of Redskins.

Deion Sanders comes out of retirement, starts at DB. Again.

Samuels and Jansen traded for two Houston Texans lineman to be named later.

FedEx Field to be renamed Tampax Stadium

Joe Gibbs signs Santana Moss to NASCAR contract

McNabb traded to Redskins, benched for Todd Collins

Any others you guys can think of?

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"Synder Hires Steve Spurrier, Marty Schottenheimer & Norv Turner as his Private Security"

We've just received word that Daniel M. Synder has been brtually beaten....Doctor's performed surgery at Synder Communications to remove a Six Flags annual report from out his (Bleep).

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"Gibbs impersonator indicted - real coach held prisoner in an undisclosed location".

Undisclosed location revealed in leaked grand jury testimony: Rick Hendrick found to have hidden Joe Gibbs under Hendrick Motorsports Facility to try and put JGR out of business and get Gordon his 5th championship, after JGR flourishes under JD Gibbs leadership Hendrick let's Gibbs out hoping that his conservative approach will limit Denny Hamlin's success.:laugh:

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