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  1. Is glad The Rock has finally come back to Monday night's, that was how to cut a promo
  2. Occasionally it happens but it comes from people who have been in the Biz longer and gleened their style from somewhere besides vinve's desk, 4 of the guy's mentioned were booked by Flair before they went to work for Vince. is that Precious Paul Ellering in your sig?:laugh:
  3. Brown nosing has jack to do with there mic and promo style they do it the way it's supposed to be done as taught by the legends. As I stated earlier about Dusty, that was better than a lot of what those guy's did and all those matches like Hell in a Cell you love so much started back then with war Games, The Elimination chamber to, except War Games was a team and the Chamber is a loner match. All your pecious Hardcore matches started with Bullrope, strap and chain matches, as well as Kevin Sullivan's Tower of Terror and taped fist matches, do you think the falls count anywhere only came along with the hardcore title, NO. Sith has forgotten more than you'll ever know, and so have I. You refuse to learn the origins of what you love so much, your precius ECW was derived 10 years before Shane Douglas crowned the east Coat Belt the Extreme Championship, in Japan, and all the matches you can wgip out aren't 100% original there updated copies of stuff that was already succesful and based on your age your first contact with wrestling probaly was the attitude era which is fine but have respect for the guy's who set there followers up to be sucessful because everything that's new in wrestling is stolen from a previous time long enough that Vinnie Mac thinks everyone has forgotten about it and most are idea's of the comp. he swallowed. His idea's sucked, the gobbaly gooker, Survior series was war Games with no cage, King of the ring was a singles version of the Crocket Cup. Wrestlemania was a copy of Starcade, Summerslam was a copy of the Great American Bash so I'm glad Vince appreciated that enough to purchase the intelectual property of the companies he stole his ideas from, I bet you think Wrestlemanian was the 1st PPV, it isn't the AWA had SuperBrawl before it. Vince covered poor in ring performance with using famous people like Cindy Lauper Mr T, LT, the NFL versus WWF battle royal. He only got the idea to try and break the North American Attendance record for indoors from Japan and the Egg Dome, he got the idead to do Wrestlemania from World Class events at Texas Stadium. I'm leading a camel to water, Vince's product sucks now because he doesn't have base idead's to steal and put his spin on them. i can keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny, surprised WWE has tried to book him for a match at a big PPV to bump the buy rate and then take away from the fact his show was garbage
  4. Please don't foreget P.S. Michael Hayes when you talk about cutting a promo. and as Sith said they wrote their own shoot's and other's because they were bookers. You new skoolers like what you like and us old timers like what we like, "get the F out" error was fine to a certain extent until there was no real comp, when the "Monday Night Wars" were going on it was entertaing as hell but that was all promo driven, back in the day the promo was the setup and the match told most of the story. it wasn't a ego driven nightmare, back then people would gladly put over a wrestler to give him the chance, Flair booked himself to lose so he could win his belt back and on the other hand Hogan refused to make anyone and held the strap forever which was boring ( someone would sneak him, he'd be "injured or betrayed" and he'd overcome the odds to win his big draw matchup against whoever, Hulk was pissed when he had to nake The Ultimate warrior bigger than he already was ). Cena is just the new I can overcome the odds like Hogan mixed with a little bit of funny BS moves like The Rock. It's typical vince booking an writing. Flair booked himself to lose to Kerry Von Erich in Texas Stadium shortly after his brother died out of respect and knew he'd have another chance again to be champ. The last selfless job I heard about was when the were going to give Kane a long run with the Heavyweight belt, and he said his carrer was winding down and rather halp make someone, hence the reason he was one of the first to agree to do the crossover brand matches. If Flair never put over Sting back in the day, you'd have never seen one of the greatest ever suceed. It's sad when you are great at working a match with other's but you can't cut a decent promo, those guy's used to get a premo manager and the manager helped them along with the promo. Even when the gimmick's were used when they couldn't come up with soething good, When Dusty and Magnum did the MIdnight Rider stuff, they played it out and you never saw them unmasked so the Horsemen could catch Dusty on a susoension, but it was made obvious to the fan's who was under the mask, when Hogan did this it was so blantly stupid, he was called "the Hulk Machine" and he alway's took the mask off before the end of the match. Wrestling isn't what it used to be and never will be again, that's why the only people who get stoked now just started following the shows. As for TNA, think what you want but if you were a fan and saw Randy Savage's manager search, or when he got Steamboat with the bell over the guard rail can appreciate "Black Machismo" Hell Shark Boy went from a chump to a funny man overnight, he sounds just like Austin, Lok at the BS 3D promo's in the 80's if they could perform they'd get a manager to help put them over. The guy's who would have made it don't because the coan't get on the mic, AJ Styles would be huge if he could get on the mic. You guy's who think it was BS back, fine but I was from a new generation of fan back then but I greatly apprecited the evolution it made betwween the Backlund, Thesz, Bockwinkel era because that was the evolution of it all.
  5. glad to see the old NWA getting some props, especially the Rock and Roll express and the Midnight's, 4 wrestlers who couldn't have made it out of independent's being headliners in Tag Teams. Tag wrestling was great back in the day, The Killer Bee's, Fantastics. The Fabulous One's, the Freebirds, Road Warriors ( I will never consider them the LOD) although both were part of their intro in the early day's. The Bulldog's, the Hart Foundation, The US Express, I think that's what Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda were called ) Can-Am Express, Strike Fore, and there are way more. Tag Team's used to be such a highlight of the show, the NWA had a 64 man elimination tourny called "The Crocket Cup" they'd bring a few from Japan and other's would team up just to fill out the tourny and it broke down just like the NCAA basketball tourny but they had to wrestle all 6 matches in one day. I don't remember any teams except the Road Warriors and Sting and Lex Luger winning but there are a few other's. Do any of the older guy's remember watching "The New Breed" in the mid 80's?
  6. The jersey is closest to the 1974 jersey, it looks just like the Mitchell & Ness Sonny throwback and that is a 1974.
  7. Hogan's is not well respected, Bret Hart and Steve Austin definitely can't stand him. Hogan used to have his own dressing room during his 1st run with WWF and when he was approached by most other wrestlers he would blow them off. There was also a lot of conflict with Kevin Nash ( huge ego ) during the nWo years when it came to booking and storylines. read Controversy Creates Cash and it will give you more examples of his "diva" like grandstanding. Hogan had a single event in Memphis about 3 months ago and it was a flop, and that's in Memphis where Mid-South ( Lawler's old promotion ) regularly sold out the Coliseum with a line up of Lawler, Austin Idol and Bill Dundee not the most marque names in the business during the '80's.
  8. he can't exactly quit, I'm sure a performer and business man of Flairs experience in the business has a contract to protect himself, in this case it's going to work against him. He'll have to wait for his release to be granted and if he does get one there most certainly will be a "no compete clause." If Flair goes to TNA with a a gimmick machine like Jarrett you'll either see a reincarnation of the Horseman or a resurection of the Black Scorpion versus Sting fued.
  9. To sum it up he pretty much said steroid use didn't cause this but steroid abuse using the evidence that the bodybuilding community doesn't have any of these type tragedies. is reporting Benoit took out a 125 grand life insurance policy with his ex-wife and other children as the benificiary and that he had set up a bank account in Canada in her name. That and the ever reputable Hulk Hogan is saying nancy was into devil worship.
  10. I turn the channel everytime 'ol Monty comes on, he must have improved some because in TNA it was the same bit about the Serengetti and the pounnnnccceee. Sad as it is there aren't very many guy's who can perform in the ring and on the mic. That's why Kennedy alway's get's pushes, oh except he's alway's injured.
  11. Old skoolers may remember Laser Tron from the NWA.
  12. Another freaky coincidence, I was surprised that the Smackdown taping went so well the guy's except Chavo looked fine, then again they worked after Owen's death and the same night as eddie's, I guess the schedule and the road make these guy's hardened to emotion. Chavo kept playing his heel role throughout though and kept mocking the fan's to get them to cheer for him. I also have my biggest tool in wrestling since "The Maulky Brothers" Funaki, dudes trunks have a SmackDown logo.
  13. The coroner said his brain was mush because it sat in 90+ degree heat for almost a whole day, Nowinski pushing for it though he looked at andre Waters brain after his death. Just reading a bunch of random things on and something ironic caught me, Bret Hart is pretty much trying to tow the politically correct line while still trying to feel compasion for his longtime friends situation. His brother Bruce hart called Benoit a "juiced up maniac" don't know what to think except out of all the Harts and their disciples Bruce never made it big because he stayed home in Calgary to keep his dad's Stampede Wrestling running. Chris will be buried in Canada and Nancy and daniel in Florida, Nancy's parents never knew Daniel had fragile X syndrome and they had almost daily contact with him. Lastly a detective said this thing is so freaky that they should still be thinking outside the box hinting at a triple homicide( i doubt this is possible with the revelation that there were 10 empty beer can's and an empty bottle of wine in the weight room next to wear they found Chris. I wonder what his BAC will be when they release his toxicology report. On a lighter note how about the 1 hour TNA 3-way on Thursday, pretty good match. Although every time I see Angle now he looks like he's a mess, after this Benoit tragedy I'm kinda worried about him.
  14. If he was suffering from depression and on 'roids and growth hormone mixed with any of the numerous other "legal prescriptions" found in the home he very well could have went phsychotic and that's why what happened did. I swore i read a spolier that had him winning the ECW strap on Sunday.
  15. This get's more and more bizarre, when I heard about it I just thought home invasion was written all over it, while many bristle at the rumor KDawg "broke" that was on the radio I can see something like this happening if Benoit was dealing with "drug dealers" and not doctors or pharmacists. The Hart family and those closely connected with them have suffered so much tragedy in the last 10 years they have caught the Von Erichs as wrestling's most tragic family.