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More pics of day #1 Training Camp


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Good pics I was right next you on that bench with my daughter who wouldn't stay in one place.

How bout that! Your daughter was great...it was the kids in front of us that were...um...difficult. I think it was you who said you were going to throw a flag on em for personal foul! Was that you? LOL Man, they were loud. Thank goodness they were short. :D

Good to have met you!

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Great picures. Thanks for sharing. I definitely should have ditched work to go. I just have one question, why can't Taylor Jacobs do this in the game?. :doh:


Thanks again for sharing!

no he does this in games, you see, this is early in his action. . he still is yet to drop the ball, still get smashed by the corney, and then go to the sideline and make up an injury so he doesnt have to go back out there. . .

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