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Redskins Players - who would be a good coach?


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Okay I guess the offseason is winding down and the hittin' is bout to start, but I figured I had one more goofy offseason meandering going on in my mind.

Out of all of the guys on the Skins squad this year who do you think will end up with a job in football after their career's are over?

For me:

Clinton Portis: I think he will be a director of player development/scout for a team maybe even a GM. That is if he doesn't open the largest strip club in Florida.

Sean Taylor: This guy... I dunno he just strikes me as the kind of guy that will have a hard time functioning outside of the world of football. 3 thousand years ago Sean would have been a barbarian warlord, as it stands in our modern era of "peace" I can see him coaching special teams coverage units.

Santana Moss, Jon Jansen, Phillip Daniels, Sean Springs: These are my 4 candidates for most likely to end up as a true head coach or coordinator. I just feel like Santana is gonna be sprinting up and down the sideline somewhere, whether it is in HS or the NFL.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Who will be the next Herm Edwards from our squad?

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Well I think if you look around the league that would give you a good indication of who make good head coaches. Lots of former O-line, LB's, and Back-up QB's...so my votes would be in this order.... Jansen, Collins, Washington:2cents:

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What's the reason everyone keeps saying they could see Collins as a coach??...Did you guys follow Collins all those years while in K.C.?...lol :)

Career (or nearly career) backups usually make solid coaches. It's logic more than knowing a guy well. The Detmers, Doug Pederson, they'll probably end up coaching too.

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