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Nfl Network Covering Scrimmage!!!!!!


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good....now everyone who's complaining about the $25 for parking can have free parking on their couch.

I, for one, will be at the scrimmage, enjoying it and not minding the $5 ticket price with the 4 people I go with. :cheers:

I'm so tired of hearing about the "$25 is a rape"...."Its Dan Appreciation day"...."why do we have to pay to park?"

get over it...or just watch it on TV now.

Go Redskins!



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I have to hand it to the NFL Network especially during the pre season...I really enjoy friday and saturday nights as they take us around the league and show us 10 minute live bits of each of the games going on...plus they replay the entire games thorghout the week.

It'll be nice to see the contolled scrimmage.

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Ah yes. The first view of the team in action. Should be an interesting day on the board. "WTF was that?"

" (insert player name here), didn't look to good there. Could be bad for the team this year".

Or something like that. ;)

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