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    Lorenzo Alexander Retires

    Absolute best of luck to Lorenzo. The “One man gang” nickname fit him well because the dude seemingly played every position on the field. I’ll never forget the time he lost his helmet, kept going on the play and made the tackle. He became one of my favorites from that play on. Lorenzo is a stand up guy, a consummate professional, and someone who should be a role model for everybody. Wish there were a lot more people like him out there.
  2. This is still available if anyone is interested.
  3. Sent you a DM with some details. Check it and let me know when you can. Thanks.
  4. It could be shipped, but I can't imagine that is cost effective. What area do you live in? Feel free to DM me if you'd prefer.
  5. This is a unique item for sale. Please see pictures. Most common description of this is "sound proofing" (although that is an incorrect description, it's the most common one people know). This a recording studio grade sound absorption panel. For anyone unfamiliar, the closest match you'd see is the stuff they put on walls in movie theaters. I built this (and many others) for a personal recording studio and for other people. I'm selling this one and I want to make sure one thing is clear: I'm selling the panel that I made and the off-white cover underneath and giving the Redskins fabric that is attached to the panel to the buyer for free! This would be excellent in any man cave, basement, or living room as functional decoration. It's very effective at basically absorbing any mid-high range frequencies. For example - speaking voices (loud ones when the Redskins are losing!), TV noises, etc. It's pretty good at absorbing bass, but it's not intended for that. It's very well built and it took me a bunch of tries to get good at making these things. The sides are 1"x3" pine that are corner cut with alternating wood screws and I used corner braces on it. Both of those things help with strength and to prevent warping. It's been built for 5 years so wood warping is not a concern. It's been kept in storage wrapped up in the thick plastic bag from the pictures. The sound absorption material is mineral wool (aka AFB, Roxul, Rockwool). It is kept in place by stapling a breathable fabric to the back and wrapped around the front of it like an artist's canvas. The way it works is twofold: (1) the mineral wool simply absorbs sound, (2) some frequencies that pass through the mineral wool get "stuck" in the air space between the back of the mineral wool and the wall. I could dig up the original specs on what frequencies this absorbs but honestly, it's just a way to make a room decorative and more enjoyable (by preventing some of the sound from bouncing around the room) The panel can be hung on the wall with just a drywall anchor and a screw. it weighs just under 20 lbs. The dimensions are: 34 1/2" wide x 58 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" deep. I live in the NoVA area, just a few miles from DC. Let me know if anyone has any questions. I'd like to get $400 for it but I'm open to lower but reasonable offers. --BELOW ARE THE PICTURES-- This is it just hung on a wall by my door as a display for this posting, I have a plain white one there normally (the anchor and screw used to hang it is in the last pic): It's been stored this way since being built. This is a "banana bag" that is typically used for mattresses. The plastic is as thick as those heavy duty trash bags you can put broken floor tiles in without ripping: One more sample of it in better light. Ignore that shadow on the left, that's because of where the ceiling light is placed. The color is even throughout: Close up of the material on the front (which is free). It's highly "breathable" which is important to allowing sound "in" to be absorbed: A pic of the back showing the construction quality and underlying fabric around the mineral wool: Close up of the back: Simple drywall anchor & screw used to hold it up:
  6. slappy434

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Agree. It's unbelievable. But, I think Peregrine's words might begin to support an explanation as to why. (sorry to omit the rest of your post, Peregrine. But, those few words are the best and briefest assessment of the fan-base on here that I've ever seen...hence why I haven't posted in years.)