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Pics of the floods..


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I live in the burbs of Philly and South Eastern Pa got hammered. Tons of rivers and little towns were flooded, if bridges you would think could never get flooded, got flooded. Easton and Bethlehem got hammered as well.

Our Sunday League used to play here in Memorial Park in Pottstown.


Downtown Reading about a half hour west of me.


About a 5 minute walk down the street.


The restarant down the street.


The restarant on the other side of the creek


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yeah I don't have any pics, but the area called the Stockade (it's a colonial area, VERY historic) is right near the Mohak, and saw massive flooding. One restaurant called Jumping Jacks was completely flooded, and the water was right up to the counter of the ordering window. It was insane.

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Wait a sec ... is that part of an ark stuck way up in the tree?

Okay, sorry.

I told ya our Om is broken...he's even doing cross threads now :laugh:

anyways...I found a pic of what the restaurant looked like before the flood. The water level was above the fence. and the river must have risen a good 7 feet. The river is at least 30 feet away, and about 3 feet down.


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Is Reading where the two rivers connect??

I saw pics of Wilkes Barre and was shocked what I saw. For two years I lived all over PA doing vacation relief for Keepler cookies, so know all these areas very well.

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I live in Yardley, PA - right on the Delaware across from Trenton, and this area was KILLED ! When I left work last night at 4pm, the Delaware was ROARING under the bridge I use. Only 2 of the 6 area bridges are usable right now. Fortunately, I live about 3 miles from the river, and in a 2nd floor condo, so I was spared. A great family friend of mine bought a 2+ million $$ home in New Hope, and now has been flooded 3 times in the last 2 years. He's trying to sell, but can't. OUCH


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