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i think this ebay character is trying to scam me...discuss

Leonard Washington

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I agreed to pay the amount you want as buy it now any

aditional money for the shipping.but i am using this opportunity to inform you that the amount that will be on the moneyorder will more than ur item fees.i don"t realy know the exact amount it will be.bcos it will be issue by my client.and the reason of the over payment is that.the amount on the moneyorder has been signed,and it is more than ur item fees.so once you receive it.you must deduct ur item fees and westernunion the balance money to my client manager in africa.and the item is going to africa.

there will be no problem about the shipment.i want you

to responsible for it.also make sure you deduct ur

item fees and westernunion any aditional money on the

m/o once you receive it..and email me ur phone# asap


Below are the questions i have for you.

1)is the item in good condition?

2)is any westernunion location where you to send the

balance money money arround you?

3)can you make sure you get the m/o cash at ur bank

the sameday you receive it?

4)can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and

complet the transaction the day you receive the


If yes too all my questions.kindly email me back asap

today so that the moneyorder can be send asap,


heck i'll make it a poll.

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Sounds like a classic scam. Sometimes it takes a week or two for the money to clear your bank even if your bank notifies you that they received the payment. The people on the other end can simply cancel the payment and you won't know for up to a week or two. Banks don't have time to track every transaction that comes in. I would forward nothing.

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This is definitely a scam. I recently sold a vehicle on Criagslist. Both times I listed the vehicle I got people trying to scam me.

The first time I almost got burned but found info on their website which helped. The second time I simply responded and said that I wasn't interested in working with a third party. I also asked to have the seller contact me directly. I never heard back...go figure.

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I have a hard time taking seriously the intricate plot of anyone with grammar, spelling, and typo problems that are that severe.

It's a scam.

Just about any time you ever see additional conditions being placed upon a transaction that should be as easy as ebay, you're dealing with a scammer.

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