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8 Awesome Small Things About "The Stadium"


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1. The witty things the mods say when shut down a repeated/stupid thread

2. People who can argue about who was the best Redskin player......

.... on the 1982 Redskins.

3. As I've mentioned before, getting news about skins before its reported on ESPN.

4. People with video clips of big hits in their signature (namely, the ST-Patrick Crayton one, and the Philip Daniels-Donovan McNabb one)

5. The unrelenting sarcasm.

6. This smiley: :toilet: and many more like it.

7. Bubba.

8. The chokehold the Mods and their "humor" have on the cattle that is the mass fanbase of registered ExtremeSkin'ers. :(

.... just kidding boys:silly:

Anything else I missed?

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