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Video of the Autistic bball manager scoring 20..

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what is weird is if Jason can hit 6 three pointers- why wasn't he playing in more games? how does a manager do that- it is like a Rudy story for the 21st century.

could make a great movie I think..it would be inspirational for all of our "healthy" kids who sit on their butts all day long doing nothing.

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well the kid IS autistic. So it is not like he is going to have the same interaction skills as a polished diplomat.

I don't think he is trying to show people up by choice, he is probably just passionate and to him that is the way he relates.

I mean, isn't that the definition of AUTISM?

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Wow. People are still talking about this?


More power to the kid.

This story is second hand, but... A few weeks ago he showed up at the Y and popped his head in the gym, my friend asked him if he wanted to play a game, he said "no, I just showed up to show my face, I gotta go to practice." And then he left.

Kid is a bit full of himself. Now, that may be the autism effecting his social skills, I fully admit it.

Like I've said before, however, it is one hell of a story.

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