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King predicts no CBA.


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I searched but didn't see it posted.


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By Wednesday evening, NFL owners probably will have made a call, up or down, on the players' latest proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement. My guess is there's not going to be a deal and that free agency will start Thursday morning with a $94.5 million cap that will cause a few teams to cut some pretty good players.

My feeling is based on the fact that this set of owners just can't agree on anything. I mean, it just pains some of them to see the cash that small-marketers like Mike Brown are making in places like Cincinnati and to think they have to share more of their money. Dallas owner Jerry Jones said it best in a press conference on Monday. He's talked to several of his peers and they don't like the deal Paul Tagliabue and Gene Upshaw fine-tuned to give to the owners Tuesday afternoon.

Curtains. The death knell.

Anything can happen with this group of owners, of course. But I don't see a deal.

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Blame the small-market teams.... to steal a phrase...they need to cowboy up, roll those sleeves up and decide that they are going to start making the money and not complain that they need welfare from the bigger teams...

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WB, are you working out, running, and loading up all those recent cap posts to return like The Masked Avenger if we end up screwed after all? :D

Not gonna happen ;)

But it really will make things a bit more tense.

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Just to piss us off

In my view the best thing that can happen for us is for no deal to be reached. We have the cap well in hand with no serious losses -- Arrington being either the exception or proving the point depending on your view. We can make a small run at a couple of guys in free agency, and seriously load up for next year and beyond.

Not to say we should be angry if there is a CBA as there are benefits to it as well. We just benefit most overall with no cap.

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I dont see how it could be good for us if there is no agreement. Someone has to explain to me how it will be good... All that I have heard from ANYONE is that with no CBA yeh surely we'll win the superbowl in 2007, but after that it will be either a lockout by owners or a work strike by the players, BOTTOM LINE. Is this untrue? Can we still have football without it??? I hate this...

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It's hard for me to take the word of a man who

1) In 2003 & 04 kept saying that Jake Plummer would be the league MVP.

2) Deion Sanders doesn't even talk to him

3) After his little blurb about how the Redskins should be investigated concerning the salary cap.

The guy is a tool and as punishment for all of the crap we've had to listen to the following things need to happen.

1) The most painful prostate exam in human history

2) A tax audit back to the stone age

3) When Art Monk gets into the Hall of fame he has to write the induction speech.

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