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Face of the Franchise??


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Faces of Redskins franchise would be Joe Gibbs, Lavar Arrington, and Clinton Portis.

We really dont have a dominating face of the franchise like the Ravens have Ray Lewis, the Chargers have LaDainian Tomlinson, the Bengals have Chad Johnson, or the Colts have Peyton Manning.

Overall though id have to say Clinton Portis, hes the guy teams have to gameplan for.

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JJG will always be the face of the franchise. But, if you're referring to who should get face time on the posters and ads and what not, I would bet that Portis has it, and Moss is a very close second.

I think Moss becomes a face of this franchise if he puts up another 1000+ Yard Season and over 8+ Touchdowns. First season ever doing somthing like what he did this season you know?

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