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attn chomerics


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original thread

I know the thread was locked, but while I was at a superbowl party chomo in his ample time called me out and publicly accussed me of things of which I was unable to respond to.

He said:

First, you were the one that brought up the fact that liberals are the ones that will protest a funeral.

This is false. The topic of the thread was some guys opinion that Bush would face disruptions by paying his respects to Mrs. King. My response was that I could not imagine such a thing happening. Where the rabid chomo got his first attack point was from when I said "However, as many on this board made clear with the latest sheehan stunt, freedom of speech trumps formal decorum so who knows."

Nowhere, and this is using english as the way of interpreting the text, Nowhere do I mention liberals. Infact the thread Im alluding to had righties saying it was an infringement of the 1st ammendment. My point was that rabid political dogs are becoming more of the norm, so I wouldnt be suprised to see it happen. Right side of the aisle or wrong side of the aisle makes no difference, and I made no distinction to either side.

Second, you failed to rationalize that BOTH sides do it (well you said "anyone") yet used Sheehan as an example. So tell me, when has she protested at funeral? Yet didn't use the guy who does because he is on YOUR side.

this one I want to start out with embarrassing him with a post someone else embarrassed him with and sent him on his way. The "guy" he claims here to be on my side, is a guy he always pulls to throw on the rights side. His name is Fred Phelps. Theres a reason he doesnt mention his name and only posts pictures of him. The reason is if he posts his name you can research him and find out chomo is using his side against us. Read this thread to see chomo try this, get called on it and never come back to the thread its twa's post. http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=111525&highlight=matthew+sheppard+funeral

Also, my reply to you chomo in the thread that Im replying to now should have answered this point but you still attacked anyways for some reason. I know you think your smarter than everyone, but truely you dont believe everyone is that stupid.

Third, you further prove how low of a moral character you have as a man by taking a cheap shot at me.

hey man sorry you were hurt, Im just concerned for you. Ive seen overly obsessive people before, you just come across that way and I want you to get well.

Fourth, I never said what either side was doing was right, I was merely pointing out that YOUR side does it in a much more graphic way at funerals of dead gay guys.

see point 2

Fifth, I think everyone has every right to protest, that doesn't mean that I agree with their beliefs, but acknowledge their right to do so.

in this conflict we are both in total agreement, I think where we disagree is I expect protesters to do it legally and with decorum.

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This is not a personal call out its something he challenged me on in a thread that I cant respond to.

A thread titled "attn chomerics" isn't a personal call out? I don't care one way or the other about the rules, I just think that's a hilarious statement.

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Always try to cool off before you do stuff like this. Ask yourself is this the way the mods want the board used? Do you think Chom is gonna go "you know what your right forgive me?"

What is the outcome your looking for by posting this thread?

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