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Patten Says He Was Healthy Enough to Play

By Howard Bryant

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 17, 2006; Page E09

As his teammates cleaned out their lockers yesterday, injured Redskins wide receiver David Patten made a surprise pronouncement: He says for the last five weeks he was healthy enough to play.

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Sorry, but how is that a surprise? I think we all knew he could play if we went far enough, but he was put on IR so we could sign another guy to fill his spot to help us get that far :).

You're right but I didn't see it as so much of an surprise just interesting to say the least.

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The IR rule is in place for a very good reason. If it did not exist, any team could sneak around the roster limit by putting players on the IR list, signing more players, deciding they want to play a diferent player this week, so they switch a player off of IR and put an other one on it.

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This is being made into something and shouldn't be. This happens all the time in the NFL ... players talk about being ready to play and being on IR. Part of it is to remind other teams that they are ok, back, and able to contribute, should their current team disagree. Part of it is to let everyone know that they will be ready to go from the first offseason team workouts so that people don't have to worry.

I saw these comments and do not think that Patten was making any kind of stick towards the organization.

I think he will be a very productive slot receiver if we can get a legitimate #2 to compliment Moss. I really hope the coaching staff saw enough in his lack of production while he was healthy to know that he is not the answer at the #2 spot. I also hope that we bring in more than 1 receiver because if we do get 1 and Moss or that person goes down, we are back in the same spot or worse than we were this year.

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