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I wonder if anyone at the Post (and other traditional media outlets) realizes the only people who seem to think having sports teams produce their own materials is a bad thing is themselves.

And that we can SEE that.

Seriously. Is there a "fan" anywhere who cares whether entertainment stories on the Redskins come from the Redskins themselves or from the traiditional media?

When we want entertainment, we'll enjoy the entertainment, and not give a flying **** who produced it.

When we want news, we'll listen to the media's coverage, listen to what the Redskins have to say, and make up our own freaking minds.

Get a CLUE, media machine. WE'RE not stupid. And it's not about YOU.


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The point of this article is that the WP is becoming less revelant every day. First the internet and talk radio broke the media's stanglehold on the news, causing their inflated

circulation figures to decline, now the redskins don't need them to get their message out.

The WP and their unnamed sources are no longer needed since here on Extremeskins we have named sources, actual interviews with the players, representitives at the games and a group of knowlegable people who interact with us.

Its about time.

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Everyone has an agenda. We all know the programming on the Skins from the Skins will lean to the positive, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining.

Any story on the Skins by someone not employed by them will also be influenced by that reporter's worldview and what their agenda is.

It's up to us as consumers to judge what is honest, what is important, and what is not.

It's notable that everytime some minor newsreader or journalist celebrity becomes sick or dies it's frontpage or headline news for all the media outlets.

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Oh no?!?! You mean I might miss out on some Washington Post writer pulling out the old 'Redskins is offensive' article?!?! The more Dan can freeze them out the better. I'll read Wilbon and Kornheiser cause they crack me up. The rest are mindless drones who feel it necessary to take shots all the time. Cause God forbid they grow an imagination and come up with something midly interesting.

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If the team is paying for the air time, what the hell difference does it make? And why should the Post care? Do they really think this article is going to win them any favor with Washington sports fans during a playoff week?

No matter what media outlet you choose to look at, you are accepting that you are getting their subjective view on the subjects. The problem with rags like the Post and the New York Slimes is that they try so hard to make people think they are getting objective news.

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This has been a regular in the DC/VA/MD area as long as I can remember (over 20 plus years).

Redskins report has been on forever (pro Redskins all the way).

What about Redskins Saturday Night back on the old DC20??? George Starke and company at a bar talking about the Skins.

Redskins Magazine Plus.....on comcast, c'mon POST.

This was being done long before Snyder was the owner.

Sorry Post, it just seems that this is another pot-shot article at Snyder and the Skins because you guys have dropped the ball on this team and want to do nothing but attack them and say that your paper legit, but they are just an infomercial.

I really think that journalism in modern media, whether it be sports, politics or everyday news is pathetic. Today's media is more commercialism and over-the-top BS to sell copies and of course commentary than fact is just sickening.

Apparently, anybody could write for the Post as long as they have the same derogitory views as their editors/owners/handlers-- fact, grammar, and spelling ability doesn't seem to matter.

If the Skins go to the Superbowl.....get ready for article after article attacking Snyder, Gibbs, Portis (and his news conferences), Sean Taylor and any other dirt that they can find (or assume) on this team.

Sad that the area's LARGEST paper goes out of it's way to trash the Largest sports franchise in the area.

And I thought the Baltimore Sun was harsh towards the Ravens...... :(

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Please...the conventional sports media will put HUGE positive spin on the Skins and any other team...when it fits their purposes. Think more viewers will like a postive story about Santana Moss? Run that sucker!! Think praising Gibbs' decisions in the offseason will help keep the ratings high? Go for it!! Think inserting numerous tedious negative "facts" will make too many viewers roll their eyes and turn the channel?? Edit that **** out before airtime, dammit!!

The Skins want to make their company and product as profitable as possible, and use their outlets to help reach that goal. The Washington Post and ESPN want to do the same, and use their outlets to help them reach their goal...no significant difference.

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The Post should concentrate their resources on more important things. Dan Snyder owns a team that plays a game called football, he wants to win, and he wants to make money doing it. Can you really blame him?

The Post needs to take it down a notch or two. This is just a game.

I am a diehard fan, and I want more Redskin programming like what Snyder is doing. I hope he buys other radio stations throughout VA. I'd listen every day.

I want exclusive objectivity when it comes to things that matter. Do your job and be the hardnosed journalist in that respect, lay off Danny boy and the Skins. Maybe I'll read your site reguarly again then

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