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Poll: Which Player Worries You the Most(Outside of Shaun Alexander)???


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The only person on their D that scares me is Trufant, he's a young stud CB. Their D-Line and LB's play into our hands of small but fast, see Dallass and the Gnats.

The only WR that is a threat, deep threat at least, is Darrell Jackson so why he isn't listed on the poll is beyond me.

Hassellbeck is the only one on the list that has the capability to beat us, which is who I voted for. Jurevicious is a possesion WR and Engram is a bigger WR threat then him.

:dallasuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck

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Do you remember the Bucs NFC championship game in Philly a few years back? Remember Joe Jurivicious running through the middle of the Philly D and going like 85 yards to break the Eagles back? I hope that we remember that, and have Lavar, his ex-Penn State teammate, laying in wait. JJ is underrated and I hope we take him out of his game.


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