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Portis interview is up

number twenty-eight

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How do you stop Clinton Portis?

Well you stick two more Sean Taylors on the field, play 13 guys, sure its illegal, but there is a lot of illegal stuff going on out there. Like Horse Collar tackles.

The no contact thing was hilarious as well.

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O MAN...I LOVED IT!!! He looked so funny....those tight shorts....some huge leg muscles he's got....

2 STs on the field was funny as well as playin in their underwear! lol loved how the 3 guys from The U has spread the brotherhood relationship of miami around the team

can't wait for the game! GO SKINS! :notworthy

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Guest ComebackKing
thats was SO cool!!! and i love his explanation on his gut and man boobs! (parcells!!!) like he says, tuck it in and its all good!
I haven't seen that yet sheesh and I'm almost at 15 minutes.

EDIT: Oh wait nevermind I remember. Twas awesome.

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