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Espn- playoff teams head coach rankings- please vote and make Joe #1


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Rank 'Em: NFL Head Coaches

Where does playoff rookie Marvin Lewis rank?

From Vince Lombardi and the Packers to Bill Belichick and the Patriots, head coaches have rarely been far from the spotlight when the curtain goes up on postseason football.

The men who prowl the sidelines must search for any unexposed weaknesses in battle-tested opponents and keep their players motivated and focused, all while fending off the distractions of media scrutiny far greater than anything experienced in the regular season. Part gridiron tactician, part motivational speaker and part CEO, it's a tall order for even the best of the best.

So which coach in this year's playoff field provides the biggest edge to his team?

Go to this site and help push Joe Gibbs and Clinton Portis to number 1 in the rankings.

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After submitting mine, JG was ranked 4th overall....pretty respectable considering, but there was no indication of how many had voted....for the record, here's how i ranked em...

JG (natch!)






Del Rio






I think some of these coaches, including and especially, our beloved Joe, benefit significantly from their staff and assistants. That said, it seems Gibbs is definitely hitting his stride and getting the team to peak at the perfect time....vintage stuff....


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Gibbs is currently ranked 4th among the 12 playoff teams. Portis is also ranked 4th. We are getting some love from other fans, but Joe should be #1.

Gibbs should be ranked 1st or 2nd but to put him behind Shanahan, who has done nothing for 7-8 years since Terrell Davis and John Elway retired, and Tony Dungy, who can't even put up more than 3 points in the playoffs against the Pats with Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne on offense is just pathetic, I mean it's really pathetic.

Joe Gibbs is the best coach in the league right now. These same clowns picked the Redskins to go 4-12 or 5-11. Nobody believed that the Pats would only go 10-6. In fact the Patriots seriously underachieved but somehow sportswriters still found a way to polish that particular knob for no other reason than to say they can do it in series, not once but whenever called upon, and they did it in style.

It's a complete joke. Gibbs got what many thought was a 4-12 team into the playoffs while completely owning the class of the NFC. Enough said.

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Joe Gibbs is third in lifetime win % behind Bellichek and Lombardi, but has as many playoff games as those two combined (10-1, 9-1 vs 16-5), and remember since playoffs are "one and done" those 5 losses represent 5 different seasons in addition to the winning ones. Quite a record and as usual, if JG weren't the humble man that he is he would be getting the credit for the great coach that he is.

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