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Check out the disrespect from Fox sports.net


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They list the Bears but not the Skins? The Bears?

Let's see, their #1 WR has 750 yards and 4 tds and their top RB has 1273 yards and 9 tds. (not including todays game)

Geez, I don't know how our 1500+ runner with 11 tds and our 1483 yard WR with 9 tds can possibly compare to the Bears potent attack. :doh:

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Hey, they can leave us out all they want, I could care less really (Probably because being in the military I never have time to watch the media anyhow). I'm satisfied with how my skins are playing right now.

But my point is... how about some of you just point out the fact and leave it at that. Instead of "Check out this disrespect, they don't acknowledge us!" you can say "Look, we're not recognized by xxxxxxx" and leave it at that. It looks better, sounds better, and doesn't lean towards this board almost being a collection of negativity.

I think it's interesting we were left out by Fox Sports; strange at that. However, it sounds like a bunch of 16 year old thugs on the street saying stuff like "Man they don't show us no respect.. cap em!" Oh well. Now I'm over it. Ha. Carry on!

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WTF??? the cowboys are out of the playoffs!

I have been a redskins fan for over 20 years now, we have never gotten respect, from the league or from the media. How in the hell Portis, Washington, and Sean Taylor don't make the Pro Bowl Team. The Cowboys are an 8-8 team but for some reason they get all of this love, they suck, and their coach is one of the most over rated in history. Thats why we are on the rise and they are droping like a weight in the water.

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