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Oakland Beats Giants!!!

betsy thurman

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ya know, I have a Raiders fan at work, & when I told him that I was rooting for the Raiders this week, he said, "They're gonna lose, just for you." I responded by saying, "Ya know, I had heard that Raiders fans were classier then Eagles fans. Now I can see they were lying."

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I really, really want the Raiders to win. And I had convinced myself maybe it will be possible....

But then I went to the Raiders site and listened to Norv's press conference. It was no different than all the stupid press conferences he did with us. The guy just sucked all the hope out of me (about the Giants losing).

But fortunately, we will beat the Eagles and we will do some damage in the playoffs even if we have to do it on the road.

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For some reason, I just don't see ole Norv winning a ballgame that means something. Especially if it will benefit the Redskins. Call it a hunch. :fortune:

This game DOESNT mean anything....not to the Raiders, anyway.

It's the games that mean something to NORV'S team, that they lose.

Raiders win this one.

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