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Tom Coughlin - Will his coaching/schemes make a difference?


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The man can coach, I think we all agree on that. Hes a hardnosed workhorse that pays EXTREME attention to detail. I was watching the NFL Network highlights yesterday on nfl.com, the one where Coughlin lays out the Skins strengths. The man really knows our team it seems. Everything he said is precisely the truth with our team (emergence of Cooley, even though we he was good BEFORE he 'emerged; Portis better runs/O-line MUCH better blocking, schemes?). I feel confident about this game, but Coughlin's attention to detail and clear understanding of our strengths has me worried. Reading quotes this week by Tiki, Strahan,etc. this week certainly doesn't have me thinking the Giants are 'over-confident', as they seem VERY focused on winning the division in D.C. this Saturday. One thing is for sure, this is gonna be a dogfight and tough as nails. I trust Gibbs and Co. can outcoach Coughlin though....at least I hope so. :logo:

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I'm talking about his tenture at each, not individual seasons

Oh, okay. Gotcha. So he doesn't have alot of staying power it seems. Still he looks like one TOUGH coach to play for. After thinking about it though, I think Williams will be the difference over Coughlin. I expect Coughlin and the Giants to be VERY prepared for us, with the game coming down to the wire. But Gregg Williams will confuse and pressure Eli to no end, Eli's mistakes will prove the difference, I hope.

I just realized I posted like 4 posts in my own thread already, lol. Ill stop that.

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It's not a stretch to compare him to Marty Schottenheimer, who can wear his players out by the opening round of the playoffs or earlier. The physical pounding he gives his players in practice can take it's toll throughout a season. He did get the Jags to an AFC Championship (with Brunell at the helm) and made a few playoff appearances with Jax.

I wouldn't look for the G-men to go "weak" anytime soon, but they are beatable. It just takes a fantastic effort in stopping their running game.

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Coughlin is a disciplinarian who over time wears out his welcome with players and the front office. But he is a good coach who can maximize the talent at his disposal.

He reminds me a lot of George Allen.

The one caveat to Coughlin's career as in Allen's is that he has failed to win the big game. Twice the Jaguars won 13 or 14 games and failed to advance to the Super Bowl.

Those teams had more talent than this Giants team does.

What having Coughlin on the other side guarantees is that his club will not embarrass itself.

But the Giants are beatable. In fact they got the stuffing beat out of them earlier by the Chargers. And their recent games against the Eagles (win) and Seattle (loss) showed that the club does go through periods of hiccups just like the Redskins do.

For those Giant fans that expect a similar 36-0 result this time around I think are going to be sorely disappointed.

They think that Steve Spurrier is still coaching here.

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If the giants show up at FedEx like they've shown up on the road recently (ie: Philly) then there is no cause for worry. Philly played them to the brink and should have won in OT. All season they havent played particularly well on the road. I believe just as last week, that the game doesnt have to be close if we capitalize on their mistakes.

Lets run em' back to New York!!

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nobody in the NFL seems to play well on the road anymore. at least outside of the Colts and the 2002-2004 Eagles and Pats :)

the Redskins and Giants have usually split their games. there has been no 14 out of 16 game series trend as there was in the Redskins/Cowboys series before this year.

Giants fans seem to think they own this team because they won ONE game 36-0.

so, I am assuming that if the Skins won that first game 36-0 Giants fans would just give up and want to forfeit the second game? :laugh:

no, they would be saying just what we are.

that all games have their own dynamics. the random bounce of the ball means often different opportunities and outcomes. revenge and the emotion of playing in front of 90,000 home fans does indeed make a difference :)

Gibbs is a professional and doesn't like to be embarrassed.

I can remember games in the past where the Skins were scalped and then came back against the odds to even things up in the rematch. Anyone remember the Body Bag game in Philadelphia? And the playoff game that followed a couple of months later in the Vet that the Redskins won by two touchdowns?

Good coaches don't let their teams slide and become numb to losing.

If you will notice the Redskins may have been losers in 13 of 15 to Dallas before Gibbs came back but are now 2-2 in the last 4 games of the series.

Again, Tom Coughlin now would much rather have had the outcome of Game 1 be by the score of 17-14 than 36-0. It's not hard to motivate guys at 36-0 :laugh:

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This season is eerily similar to last season.

Last season, the Giants shut our offense down in their stadium earlier in the season. It was more of a blow out than the score indicates. We had a lot of turnovers and Clinton struggled.

Then we played them later in the season in our house. We eliminated the turnovers, and Clinton had a huge game. We won 31-7.

This season, the Giants shut our offense down in their stadium earlier in the season. It was a blow out. We had a lot of turnovers and Clinton struggled.

Now we are playing them later in the season in our house....

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It's not hard to motivate guys at 36-0 :laugh:

This is exactly why you throw out the x's and o's for this game. The players want it, the coaches want it, and the 12 man wants it.

Whoever wants it more on Saturday will win. Judging by what we did to Dallas last week I'd say we want it more than anyone right now.

Skins 31 Gints 10

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