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New Bang Cartoon and Podcast


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Great job, Bang!! But do you really think Jeff Fisher is going to be looking for a job? I think he'll stay with the Titans...he's a great coach -- they'd be stupid to let him go.

EDIT: I'd like to add that Shannon Sharpe is a moron. He was a good football player and trash-talker, but he is the worst commentator ever. And Bang has him down pat!!!


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Oh, I disagree, Shannon Sharpe is wonderful.

See, i don't need people to tell me what i see in highlights at halftime, and the very fact that it is HIM that they let do it is simply a miracle of existence.

Shannon Sharpe= my favorite guy on TV


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this is the first one ive seen and i have to say that i was almost in tears laughing at some of those guys. I didnt recognise every single character to played but thats because i have no access to american tv but i thought it was hilarious all the same.

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