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Nick "at night" Novak beats the Skins in overtime

herb mul-key

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I wouldn't call it revenge. We gave the kid or 3 or 4 week audition and then cut him loose when our good, veteran kicker was healthy. Arizona will do the same (and if they don't, we'll take the Rack-Attack). I'm sure Novak is appreciative of his time in DC.

That makes sense. I agree.

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Nick Novak career at Maryland:

2000: Redshirt

2001: 16/25 FG 41/42 XP

2002: 24/28 FG 53/54 XP

2003: 24/32 FG 38/42 XP

2004: 16/22 FG 21/21 XP

Nick Novak NFL Career:

2005: 5/7 FG 15/15 XP

John Hall NFL career:

1997: 28/31 FG 36/36 XP

1998: 25/35 FG 45/46 XP

1999: 27/33 FG 27/29 XP

2000: 21/32 FG 30/30 XP

2001: 24/31 FG 32/32 XP

2002: 24/31 FG 35/37 XP

2003: 25/33 FG 26/27 XP

2004: 8/11 FG 13/13 XP

2005: 10/11 FG 8/8 XP

Remember: The Jets traded John Hall and found they had to draft a kicker a couple years later.

Nick Novak looks like a solid prospect. The 'skins did a lot to further his career, which is good because I like him. In the end, though, I think it comes down to Hall's experience.

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