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We can still win the NFC East


Do the Skins as a franchise look more and more like the Wizards......  

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  1. 1. Do the Skins as a franchise look more and more like the Wizards......

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Sept. 11 vs. Bears 1:00pm ET FOX / 707 W 9 - 7

Sept. 19 @ Cowboys 9:00pm ET ABC W 14 - 13

Oct. 2 vs. Seahawks 1:00pm ET FOX / 707 W 20 - 17

Oct. 9 @ Broncos 4:15pm ET FOX / 714 L 19 - 21

Oct. 16 @ Chiefs 1:00pm ET FOX / 712 L 21 - 28

Oct. 23 vs. 49ers 1:00pm ET FOX / 712 W 52 - 17

Oct. 30 @ Giants 1:00pm ET FOX / 708 L 0 - 36

Nov. 6 vs. Eagles 8:30pm ET ESPN W 17 - 10

Nov. 13 @ Buccaneers 4:15pm ET FOX / 707 L 35 - 36

Nov. 20 vs. Raiders 1:00pm ET CBS / 707 L 13 - 16

Nov. 27 vs. Chargers 1:00pm ET CBS / 711

Dec. 4 @ Rams 4:05pm ET FOX / 716

Dec. 11 @ Cardinals 4:05pm ET FOX / 715

Dec. 18 vs. Cowboys 1:00pm ET FOX / 708

Dec. 24 vs. Giants 1:00pm ET FOX / 713

Jan. 1 @ Eagles 4:15pm ET FOX / 714

I don't know where the problem lies. If we can place the blame on Portis for fumbling, then we can place the blame on Jon Jansen for missing his block on 4th and 2 when Brunell was sacked at the end. The offense sputtered against a so-so Raiders defense that doesn't have any known players. I think it's safe to say the Redskins aren't good enough. We just don't know how to win. Although the Redskins started 3-0, they could have easily been 0-3 to start the season. The turnover ratio is a hazard, which is another reason the Redskins won't be playing in the post season. Portis fumbled twice. Portis is the type of running back that goes a long time without fumblng then he fumbles twice in one game. He did the same thing last year when the Redskins played at Cleveland.

I think the team isn't balanced. So far this season, the defense has been the goat and the offense has been heroic. Today, the offense looked poor while the defense played inspiring football. Lavar Arrington, Lemar Marshall, and Sean Taylor brought their A game. The offensive line of the Raiders defended the pass rush well and made it possible for Kerry Collins to pass the football but still the defense played well against the Raiders offense with the exception of the mismatch in coverage when Marshall was checking Jerry Porter. Other than that, the defense played well.

I think the offense fell to sleep somewhere in the third quarter. In the 4th Quarter the offense had gained only 28 yards, a stat that frightens me. By the time the final drive came, the Raiders defense smacked the offense in the mouth.

The remaining games are winnable games. But if the offense plays like it did against the Chargers, they will get blown out. L.T. is coming to town and you can bet Marty will feed LaDanian the ball and in my opinions he's the best runner the Redskins will have faced this year. If Shawn Alexander can knock the Skins' defense senseless, then what about Tomilson?

Another thing. I'm beginning to believe that Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels are overrated. Jansen missed a key block on the offense's final play and as a result Mark Brunell was not only sacked, but fumbled the football. Gibbs has to come up with some answers quick, fast, and in a hurry, or else, the Redskins will be struggling to go 7-9.


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The problem with your chart is you have Carolina beating Dallas, that game may mean nothing to them at that point depending what happens in the next few week.

This team has not shown anything to suggest it can win 4 in a row.

I have no clue how we can even beat SD next week.

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Every year when we get down to the final weeks I track which teams need to lose/win in order for the skins to make the playoffs. I really enjoy this, so if you think it's dumb, pointless or wishful thinking - kiss off.


You make any knowledgable, respectable Skins fan(if there is such a thing ), look like a moron. I can't stand homers for my team, or for others. Now, besides wishful thikng, what is this based on?

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This team has not shown anything to suggest it can win 4 in a row.

I have no clue how we can even beat SD next week.

we would only need to split SD/St Louis. but if we lose to SD we would then have to run the table. four in a row right now does seem to be a stretch.

To be realistic we need to catch up with Dallas and win the head to head tiebreaker with them. Figure NY wins the division. Now we need Tampa to finish one game behind us to grab the final wild card.

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Both Dallas and New Yorkl are 7-3 but they still play each other in NY so one is as good as 7-4...We will still get "that" guaranteed 4-loss team back at Fed Ex.

Outside of that matchup in NY in a few weeks, Dallas still hosts Denver on Thanksgiving, Kansas City 2 week later and travel to Carolina week 16. Oh, and they come to Fed Ex.

The Giants play at Seattle next week, host Dallas, then go to Philly, then host the Chiefs, then come to Fed Ex and end their season in Oakland.

Both the Giants and Cowboys have VER tough schedules.

We simply need to win 2 of the next 3 before coming home for the Dallas game.

Outside of our division we have to look at Carolina and Tampa Bay...just like Dal/NYG, both are 7-3 and they still play each other so one is as good as 7-4. The winner will likely win the NFC South so the runner up is no better than 4 losses right now. Atlanta is hanging around at 6-4 but they too have a VER tough schedule.


We are only one game back in the loss column over the losers of the Dal/NYG loser and the Car/TB loser.

Keep the faith brothers! HTTR!

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