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Do we bring in T.O.? (merged)


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I could also see us picking up TO, as Andy Reid said he wil never play in an Eagles Uniform again. The arbitrator is a 25 yr season ticket holder with the Skins, and I think he will make the Eagles re-instate TO, or force them to cut him. Gibbs and Snyder would sign him to a contract, that would have stipulations about his salary, and playing time, tied to his conduct, on and off the field. Living in Eagles country, I believe TO would want to play for a team, that:

A. Plays the Eagles 2 times a year, to stick it to them, and

B. Has another great Receiver (Moss), that would leave him open. He would have

caught half of the balls thrown at Taylor Jacobs.

I've heard about TO non stop, and I'm tired of it, but you have to admit, he is the best Receiver out there.

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I would like to see T.O. with Burgandy and Gold Going to the middle of the star after scoring a winning Touch Down:cheers: I would like to see T.O. Flap his wings in the LInc wearing B and G:cheers: Hell I would love to go to the playoffs:doh: T.O. could help all those causes. This town if not already desperate is as desperate as it gets:doh:Young fans and current players are getting sick and tired about hearing about the Glory days:doh:

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