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BEST item on EBAY ever! GOD WARRIOR!!


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This "God Warrior" was recently on the tv show "Trading Spouses" and that show may have been the greatest 60 minutes or reality tv ever.....

I kid you not....

A clip of her freaking out: http://video.download.com/3800-11166_53-7673.html

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ya i saw that chick , man i tell you what she & her Friends gave a Bad example . This show mad me as a Christian look like an Idiot , well to let everyone know that is Not how all Christians Act , this lady was Legalistic " meaning You have to be a christian & do everything right to get into Heaven" that is Not how it Is !

Jesus Died for all Not just some !

I was a sinner before & still struggle with things to this day! so being a christian all of a sudden I shouldn't hang with other non christians , My Friends family, No that is crap it took someone hanging with me to help me see the Truth ! my dad isn't a christian should I now not talk to him , No I should Love him Just as i did before ! Just for thought

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The network went out and found a real nut job for ratings.

I think that women has been handling too many rattlesnakes.

or hotdogs! The poor husband actually admitted, on national tv, that she was the only woman he's had sex with. The mental picture gave me nightmares!!

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i am a follower of Jesus.

this lady just needs to read the bible more and stop pointing fingers...

being a 'God Warrior' is about a peaceful war, and one fought with love and understanding.

and quite frankly, they hang with the worst sinners when at 'war'.

and with Good Christians when in training.

a doctor does not heal the healthy.

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