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Well my 1000 post. It’s been a bumpy ride but no question about it this is a great site for skins fans to come and express their opinions.

For this milestone post I would like to say a grateful thanks to the people that run this site even though we have had our differences but most importantly I want to thank Joe Gibbs for coming back to our great team and making it once again a team we are proud of.

I will be going to the Oakland game and my cousin and I can’t wait to see the new and “improved” FedEx. Who is that you say? Well I have heard from a couple of friends with season tickets that FedEX has never rocked like it does now. I want to feel that feeling man. I want to feel like we all felt back in the days at RFK where deep down inside, with the stadium literally moving, you knew the poor pathetic bastiges facing our team didn’t have a chance in hell. HAIL SKINS FOREVER.

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