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Early Line vs. Tampa Bay


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I would put it as a push...but what do I know??

The only thing that concerns me is they've lost a couple in a row and if they drop this game it'll be their second straight at home.

I'll concede that their QB situation is not great, but they are a strong, solid team with a good running game and a great D...that can win you some home games in this league!

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You really have to look at who they played when considering if they really do have a great defense. 4 of their 5 wins came against the 4 teams in the NFC North. None of those teams have good offenses. Their 5th win was against the Dolphins.

Also, they lost to the 49ers and the Jets, neither of them with what you would call good offenses.

They may have a decent defense but they certainly are not as good as their numbers show.

I fully expect the Bucs to fall out of the playoff picture.

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Their D is overrated and not as good as it has been. Simms and Rattay are the QB's, not exactly Super Bowl quality. Cadillac is starting to show the wear and tear of running against stacked NFL defenses. The WR corp is respectable, now that Galloway has gotten healthy and Clayton continues to develop. I've never heard of Raymond James being a major home field advantage, so the crowd noise should be manageable.

All and all if we play Redskins football we should be able to beat TB, their D will provide a few problems but are D should contain any threat TB may have.

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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I think we can take em...look at the combined record of teams we've played. A total of 39-25...thats nothing to spit at. We've had the hardest scheduale in the NFC by far... The Eagles are second with 35-28.

Amen. They're pretty good at best. When they were put at the top of the league by analysts it was because it was 1) early in the season and 2) they stomped some teams that turned out to be pretty bad at the halfway point.

Its never a gimme on the road and Tampa is tough place to play, but I would expect the spread to increase. Part of the reason we won't be seeing too many 7 point spreads in our favor is because we're not built/schemed to blow out other teams. The goal is to grind out the clock with the lead so it doesn't lead to many 20 point wins. Do we have the capabillity? Of course. The coaches choose not to though.

Any given Sunday caveat always applies (don't know if Dockery will appear out of no where and jump on another fumble) but Skins should win handily (meaning 7 points and 10 minutes more time of possession).

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