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King Kong = 3 hours, $207m


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According to Universal, which paid a whopping $20 million for the right to distribute the Oscar-winning helmer's remake of the Tinseltown classic, Kong's running time is nearly double the 1933 version, weighing in at a mammoth three hours.

It was initially believed that Jackson would bring the picture in at two and a half hours, but extra digital effects that swelled the pic's budget from $175 million to a final price tag of $207 million, combined with the Lord of the Rings mastermind's penchant for big-time spectacle, led to the monster cut.

After flying to Jackson's home base in Wellington, New Zealand where Kong was shot to watch a sneak peak of the film, studio executives were reportedly elated with the results and agreed to release the three-hour Kong as scheduled Dec. 14--despite the possibility that the length might eat into the monkey movie's box office, allowing for fewer screenings each day.

"I anticipated it would be long, but not this long," Universal Pictures chairwoman Stacey Snider told the New York Times. "This is a masterpiece. I can't wait to unveil it."

Universal could use a big hit about now. The company is still trying to figure out why moviegoers stayed away in droves from its critically-acclaimed boxing drama Cinderella Man.


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too bad the movies gonna be horrible, the script is some grade-a blow

Hard to say, Ive been reading on the internet that the script is amazing. The script flows with the first two films, and with all the grade-A actors I dont see X-men 3 being bad at all. Im excited to see what direction it goes in, cant wait to see the trailer.

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King Kong for three HOURS how much backstory could there possibly be !!. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire is full of story but is only clocking in at 2 hours 30 min

Actually, there was an article in the New York Times earlier this month about the video games being launched in concert with the games. Peter Jackson had much more oversight in the process than the LOTR games (he was totally bitter about those games), and actually provided a lot of material he had developed that didnt make it into the movie (If I recall correctly, one example was a swarm of enormous bats :laugh: ).

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