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Who Is Jared Allen!


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a 2nd year defensive player single handedly won this game.

Since I live in KC I've known about him... he is a star in the making, but its insane that we let him dominate us like that.

anyhow... we are right were I thought we would be. We are still a good team.

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#69 Allen, Jared DE 6'6" 265 2nd year Idaho State

I watch a lot of football......a lot of football.This guy looked like am a MVP candidate against our line.he knocked Samuels on his can......Jansen on his can...worked around double teams when Cooley and Royal tried to chip him and they moved him around like he was Simeon Rice, Julius Peppers, or Jevon Kearse. I have not seen anyone in our huddle like he was.... i mean he knew the snap count and all some please educate me on this guy!!!!!!

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