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right there with you GatorEye.

I couldn't understand how people were running down as a scrub a guy with good hands and the ability to make people miss in the open field.

The reason Gillespie wasn't drafted was because he isn't a candidate to be an everydown back in the NFL and scouts were scared off by his less than impressive straight line speed.

But being the third down back in the NFL is about vision, hands, QUICKNESS rather than straight speed and instincts.

The best third down backs like Mitchell, Meggett, Centers, etc... weren't always the fast guys or the ones with the sharpest college pedigrees. :)

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I wouldn't want him in on conventional downs, but I really like him as a 3rd down back. Reminds me a lot of D.Meggett, J.Washington, R.Irvings.

Super quick, good (not great) straight line, great vision, and moves foreward. I like him a lot.

Some people will qualify his performance by saying that its because he knows the system ... I think they have it wrong. The fact is, his talents "fit" the system very well as a 3rd down back.

As for Betts, I still like him, and I imagine he'll play some 3rd down back, but he's not a true 3rd down back. He's a true, full-time back who can also catch the ball well. He's not a true 3rd down back.

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Originally posted by RTerps2002

He really did look good... But lets remember that he knows the system.... If he can help on special teams then he should be the third back...

Knowing the system doesn't really help him make people miss in the open field. He's very shifty and he can fly through the hole with a great burst. I can't remember what his 40 speed is, but he usually makes people look like they are standing still when they try to tackle him.

I think he had something to prove last night...and did.

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The only Gator that did not play really well, was Reidel Anthony. How come I have not seen a story headline that says: GATORS ARE REDEEMED, SHOW THEY CAN PLAY....especially since there were numerous articles and television shows that kept telling us that Spurrier is nuts by signing all of these Gators. Even if it was only a pre-season game, I think it showed that Spurrier knew what he was doing. Chris Doering did look like Ed Mc Caffrey out there! The kid knows how to get open and can play. I think the players that fit the system the best should play. Just because we draft players does not mean we just throw them out there. I am in favor of playing as many Gators as possible at this point because they looked great!

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This amster dude is along the lines of that redskintailgate dude.

Most fans here arent going to blindly follow some player from florida because he played for S Double.

Its called prove it to me or as they say in Missouri, show me.

And they are justified now if he consitently performs as he did last night then great he is our 3rd half back at most and I'd still like the Rock over him

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