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Ok, you want OT?? -- Quadriplegic Sues Florida Strip Club

Zen-like Todd

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Given the makeup of this crowd, I figured you would all appreciate this article.

Quadriplegic Sues Florida Strip Club

Monday, July 15, 2002

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A quadriplegic has sued a strip club, charging that it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because the lap dance room does not have wheelchair access.

Edward Law, of Orlando, sued the Wildside Adult Sports Cabaret last month after visiting the West Palm Beach club on May 9 and June 14.

The lap dance room is accessible only by a short flight of stairs, according to the suit. It also alleges that the counter around the stage where strippers dance is too high, making it difficult for Law to see the stage and set down his drinks.

"This is an industry that is high profit and knows about ADA and is ignoring it," his attorney, Anthony Brady Jr., told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "I have no sympathy for them violating ADA."

Law also sued another West Palm Beach strip club, The Landing Strip. He charges both clubs with violating ADA standards for bathrooms and parking spaces.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of money in attorney's fees and asks that the clubs comply with the federal disability standards.

Bret Rudowsky, Wildside's general manager, said he was unaware of the problems and Law could have received a lap dance elsewhere in the club.

Law — who has also recently filed ADA lawsuits against an Orlando restaurant and a Daytona Beach Harley-Davidson motorcycle shop — declined to comment.

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First off, the guy has no arms so how is he setting down his drinks :).

He seems like he's a suing type. I'm certain he needs access to the Harley show floor because he'll be buying a bike soon, right? It's a pretty funny story though. This is the Tailgate spirit TCO :).

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Certainly not repealed, but this is an abusive interpretation of it. Legally, the question was when the building was built or last had major construction. It may be granddaddied. Really though, this was meant for equal access, but asking for equal access in a strip joint... isn't that illegal?

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What should be done with the ADA is not repeal, but allowing companies a grace period to come into compliance. If a place doesn't have the handicap access it should, a person cannot immediately sue; but he can file a complaint and then the company can comply within say, 60 days, or it can challenge it in court. Republicans tried to get this passed in the 90s and as usual were branded w/ the b.s. about extermism and uncaring, etc. In a situation like this one, this douchebag probably wouldn't have bothered complaining, since he wouldn't have been able to suck any money out of it. Obviously, this guy is the equivalent of an ambulance chaser.

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In considering this deep philosophical quandry, one is surely wont to paraphrase Chris Rock in asking: Can a quadriplegic get a table dance?

Moreover, one would do well here to observe the age-old axiom, once more paraphrasing Mr. Rock: There's no sex in the Champagne Room... not even for guys in wheelchairs.

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