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Ron Mexico In Nfl Blitz


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I think it's hilarious!

I heard that Take Two (ones that now own rights to the Sega NFL 2k5) was considering doing a legends football game. I hope they either do that or do like Midway is and use fake player names and team names. It would be great to see that Football game live on. Madden shouldn't be the only choice.


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In looking at the screen shot I see the following:

WAS: 0 Washington?

LV: 7 Las Vegas?


So why is Ron Mexico not playing for the Atlanta team and why is he in a "Redhawks" uniform?

But its great its in the game!!!


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The only thing that pisses me off is the fact the company is using Vick to get back at the NFL. They are pissed that they lost all licensing rights so now they go after Vick to somehow embarrass the NFL. It's a scum bag move if you ask me. I have no love for Vick but now you have second rate video games taking shots at him to sully the NFL since they gave exclusive rights to EA.


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