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TSN: Chris Cooley - HB


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Originally posted by TaylorPickSix

Cooley is a workhorse in our passing game. He gets all the underneath routes and I only saw him drop ONE pass all year. And that was in the Eagles game, for a potential TD. Sigh....

He made up for it in that game though. I love that kid.

yea, and unlike shockey after he drops a pass and looks at his hands and laughs, cooley got up pissed at himself for it.

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"Exceptional runners" don't play TE. They play WR or RB. Guys who have good hands, run good routes, have good game situation awareness (e.g. know where the chains are on 3rd down) and are at least competent blockers will always have a job at TE. Cooley meets or exceeds all of those criteria.

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