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  1. I need to hear more about this event. I bet the invitations were on heavy cardstock. This also reads like the start to a 4000-word Bill Simmons column about meeting Dwight at that dinner, being impressed at how large he is in person, noticing the body language of the other players as Dwight entered the room, and then comparing Emilio Estevez's film career to Dwight's career arc.
  2. It's the NFL. 90% of teams have a "good player" at WR and RB. Can you imagine if Mike Evans was on this team? Half this board would need to be hospitalized when he scored that second touchdown. The man-crushes over Jordan Reed, probably the third-best TE in the NFC East, are pretty intense.
  3. They had better rest this summer. If I see a single Instagram video of either one playing pickup too hard, I'm going to send a letter to Ted Leonsis.
  4. The team should take the offensive word out of the name. name them the Maryland Redskins Or they could change the logo to a redskin potato Will the NY Giants change their name to avoid offending tall people?
  5. Simmons needs a hard limit on how long his columns can be. Today's Carmelo story was 5,100 words -- it could easily be trimmed by a third and probably be considered too lengthy. Many of his better pieces are from the time he wrote for ESPN the Magazine. He had to file columns weeks in advance and had a hard word count (1,500 max). And he couldn't insert endless YouTube clips of Larry Bird and scenes from Almost Famous.
  6. Back to LKB's point - why is the league so invested in Cleveland succeeding after Lebron left? They need the Cavs to be good at the detriment of helping other franchises?
  7. I disagree. They are knowledgeable and get excited at the right moments. The 2008 playoff games got plenty intense. I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere at Wizards games rather than the overly caffeinated scream fests at Capitals games. The "Rock the Red" movement with its horns and decibel meters may appeal to 10-year olds, but it makes for jarring in-game experience. Plus it's not fair to compare any NBA or NFL crowd to ones in Oakland. There's something in the water at Raiders and Warriors games.
  8. Agreed. Josh Levin brought this up in the last Hang Up & Listen. People seem giddy with the idea of their team going 3-79 for the season. The reality is that someone has to be an 8 seed. The Wizards aren't going to win the East. But they have too much talent to tank. Should they be trying to improve their record or blow things up?