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  1. studzmckenzie

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    I was in a very weird mood and went to that game, just to see how bad things really were. It was worse than I thought, on all levels.
  2. studzmckenzie

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    OK, we have the lead at halftime, now let’s see if we can play another half of football.
  3. studzmckenzie

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    So far, the highlight of today’s game day experience was dropping off a new, unwrapped toy at the toys for tots collection point. I actually spent more on the toy than the game ticket!
  4. The highlight of today’s game day experience will probably be dropping off a new, unwrapped toy at the toys for tots collection box. Spent more for the toy than the game ticket.
  5. studzmckenzie

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    ....but they still get you with parking (about $40, from what I've heard).
  6. studzmckenzie

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Let me get this straight .....a home game with the equally-bad Jets, .....coming off a bye-week no less, .....and all they could muster was two cosmetic touchdowns in garbage time?? .....yay. Maybe the only thing that is keeping Snyder from selling the team (along with the league's lucrative TV deal) is the "Stadium Takeover" fad. Without that, the stadium would be virtually deserted on game day. Unfortunately, because of the secondary markets, it is incredibly easy for fans of the visiting team to obtain tickets, in almost any quantity. Hence, 59,000 Eagles jerseys at FedEx Field for last year's Eagles game, and probably much the same for this year's game.
  7. studzmckenzie

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    Anyone who bothers to go to this Sunday's game probably gets to be part of the Detroit Lions 2019 Highlight video.
  8. studzmckenzie

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    Along with several of the above ideas, I would hire Brian Mitchell as a consulting/P.R./quality control guy. Next, I would try to "buy out" the current lease for FedEx Field, and get moving forward on a new stadium site, preferably the RFK site, or out by Dulles Airport/Metro Silver Line (proximity to Northern Virginia fan base, the largest segment of the ticket holder base). Then, for cosmetic details, go back to the dark maroon and maize color scheme. And since nickname change would very likely be a proviso for being the new owner, rename them the Washington Cannons (the weaponry of choice used at the forts built around the city to protect the Capitol building, in the 1800s). If not the Cannons, then Sentinels.
  9. studzmckenzie

    Redskins Tank-A-Thon: Your Creative Idea Of How The Redskins Could Throw A Game

    Forfeiture --- FedEx Field declared unplayable, after a Rolling Stones Final Tour concert? Or ineligible player participates (more of a high school rule)? Or not enough healthy players at certain positions, fearing for player safety (which has some truth)? Just throwing out a couple of ideas.
  10. studzmckenzie

    I Fear Bruce Is Here Until Stadium Deal Is Done..

    Actually, the RFK site might be the best site, after all, given the attendance patterns at FedEx Field the last several years. Look at the Los Angeles Chargers, playing in tiny StubHub Center. This might be where the NFL is headed.
  11. Hey, McFlys (Danny and Bruce)!! This is the Nation's Capital! We are the 8th largest market place in the country!! We should be competing with ALL the big guns, toe-to-toe, as a big-time sports town (NY, LA, Philly, Chicago)!! You think I'm kissing up to Boston, just because they won a Super Bowl, World Series and Stanley Cup, all in the same year????!!! HELL NO!!!! Absolutely no reason in the world why the Nation's Capital can't also be a "City Of Champions"!!
  12. studzmckenzie

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Both above photos are, indeed, a very sad portrait of what was once a very proud and prominent organization. As is this one, a TV freeze-grab from a few years ago, vs. the Chiefs.
  13. studzmckenzie

    Will The Home Opener Crowd Be Empty Again?

    Also, the Nationals have a big series this weekend with the Braves, so some indirect competition there. The Sunday afternoon game of that series a 1:35 start. But you're right, many are skeptical, particularly after that second half meltdown vs. Philly. I, too, am projecting roughly a 60-40 Dallas crowd, but would DEARLY love to be proven wrong.
  14. First reported last week, RFK Stadium is slated for demolition by 2021. To be honest, I am surprised that the building is still standing. Age and acid rain have definitely taken its toll on the structure (the Capitol building, a few blocks away, has had its exterior reworked several times, because of acid rain). But a lot of great memories there --- Redskins, Senators/Nationals, soccer and concerts! I'll never forget how much the end zone bleachers used to shake, even during TV timeouts, when the opponent had the ball, often throwing my camera settings off. And in the 1960s and '70s, being able to leave the house and get home from the game afterwards in a very reasonable amount of time (today, not so!!) Your favorite RFK Stadium gameday memories?
  15. studzmckenzie

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Could be the sleeper pick of the draft. Slipped to 7th Round in the draft, because it was a DB-rich draft and he came from a smaller school. Goodness knows, the Redskins have a lot of holes to fill, so a great opportunity for the young man to step in and contribute immediately.