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  1. Goal for the first two games is the same as against LAD: win one at their place. I feel better about game 2 with Stras vs Verlander fwiw... just remember that if we lose tonight it's not the end of the series, but it does make game 2 a must-win.
  2. who the **** schedules a date on a Tuesday? During a World Series game? You know who? A succubus who is looking to establish utter dominance in a relationship. This is a test. If you skip the game she owns your soul forever.
  3. skinsfan_1215

    Sports Wagering thread

    Would that opponent also be traveling from the west coast and playing at 10am their time? I don’t have a good sense of the game. Kyle could run the score up and beat the Skins by 30. But there’s certainly a lot going against them too.
  4. skinsfan_1215

    Missing a Redskins' Game to Go to Paradise

    I’ll miss my second straight this weekend. Been looking forward to it all week.
  5. Guess it depends on who they think is the better defender at 2B between Cabrera and Kendrick. It’s pretty close between the two (ie neither particularly great). But you’ll want all your best bats in the lineup early in games, and have Dozier ready for a late inning defensive sub.
  6. skinsfan_1215

    The Impeachment Thread

    Add it to the list.
  7. Yes, this. You pitch them as early as you can to set them up for as many innings as possible in the series.
  8. Game 1: Strasburg Game 2: Max Game 3: Sanchez Game 4: Corbin Game 5: Strasburg Game 6: Max Game 7: Sanchez (and all hands on deck)
  9. Same goes for Max. If Strasburg goes 100 pitches in game 5, before the travel day, he can possibly throw as many as 2-3 innings in a game 7.
  10. My biggest thing is Max’s tendency to occasionally allow HRs early in his appearances. Given he relies more heavily on fastballs than Strasburg, feel like he’s got a higher likelihood of giving up a crucial run late in game 7.
  11. Game 1 vs 2 means you’re probably available for an inning or two or three in game 7 vs probably not at all. I want Strasburg in game 1.
  12. ^in response to Springfield about resigning Harper Glad we didn't. Giolito turning into an ace.. also **** the Yankees, Scherzer and Rendon are ours. The potential was always there, even early. Needed bullpen help bad. Glad Kimbrel wasn't the guy. And again, the team had potential from day 1. The disastrous bullpen combined with early injuries to Rendon, Soto, AND Turner just killed us.
  13. yeah was thinking the same. Change ups been killing the Cards all series.