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  1. Probably *very* limited fans next year. Not sure if we’ll go a full season without fans again, but even if they allow them I’d imagine attendance will be horrible. And also worth remembering that the Lerners are heavily invested in commercial real estate. Shopping malls. Offices. Their finances have likely been absolutely slammed by the pandemic. I’m actually wondering if we don’t see some efforts to reduce payroll going into next year...
  2. Not me. Both those guys are still super young. We got spoiled by Harper and Soto so it’s easy to forget that most players don’t fully develop until they’re in their mid or even late 20s. If we’re still in win-now mode we’ll probably want to consider signing someone else to fill the starting role until Kieboom is fully seasoned, but I wouldn’t sell low right now.
  3. Same **** they’ve been trying to do for 3 years since Charlottesville.
  4. Going to have to add a couple pieces. Need to add a rotation pitcher, likely a fairly qualified one (next season is Max’s last under contract so we’ll want a guy that can take a middle of the rotation slot going forward). Need a catcher... Realmuto is on the market. May want to upgrade another position (OF, 1B).
  5. Well if the term limits are effective immediately, Biden would get to replace Thomas and Breyer immediately (back to 5-4) and then replace Roberts and Alito if he wins a second term (6-3 liberals). It’s actually a brilliant way for them to stack the court without going to the extremes of expanding the court.
  6. ^that would have to be universally adopted among states. Unfortunately right now some Republicans are arguing it should be awarded by Congressional district result, which they have gerrymandered to hell. Popular vote is the only solution that isn’t subject to abuse.
  7. I finished my half gallon bottle of Buffalo Trace. There is none in stock in the entire state. This makes me sad.
  8. It’ll probably be fine. Most charging would take place at night when there is reduced demand across the board.
  9. Kudos to California for its leadership. People who think 2035 is unreasonable haven’t been paying attention to the extraordinary pace of innovation and improvements in EV and battery technology in the past few years.
  10. He will try. I just hope he doesn’t keep trying when it’s clear those efforts are for nothing. It’s noble that Democrats want to be the “party of adults.” But if that party is also the party of losers, being the adult in the room doesn’t mean a whole lot.
  11. Obama came in genuinely hoping to be the “change” President that could reach across the aisle and tear down partisan barriers. He was met with vitriol and obstruction, and lost the house in a huge way after just two years. I hope Biden won’t make the same mistake if he has the opportunity.
  12. Absolutely this. In the hypothetical scenario where Biden wins but Rs narrowly keep the senate, or Dems take the Senate but meekly accept that Republicans control their courts now, in 4 years we’ll be right back where we are now. Republicans don’t care about rule of law, they only care about power and holding onto it any way they can. If Dems aren’t playing the same game, they’re losing that game. Two new states? Why stop there? American Samoa and Guam need representation too. California needs to split into two. Two new SCOTUS justices? There would still be a 6-5 disadvantage. Make it 12
  13. Do you know what the Constitution says about the Senate’s role in the Supreme Court?
  14. “Herman Cain award” made me nearly spit my coffee out. I’m generally against mocking people’s deaths, BUT in the case of Trumpers who downplay Covid and then die from it I make an exception. They spent their last months spreading misinformation about a deadly disease, and mocking them for that is simply a public service announcement that they were very wrong.
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