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  1. If you look at it from the perspective that we’ll likely not catch the Braves regardless, them beating the Mets helps us more than hurts us.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's where this is heading. MASN and Angelos aren't sitting on our $100m. Whenever he's eventually forced to pay it, the network goes under and he has to sell the O's.
  3. skinsfan_1215

    David Koch has died

    I plan on one day being arrested for urinating on his grave.
  4. skinsfan_1215

    David Koch has died

    I’d be tempted to say good riddance, but recently their influence has waned in the Trump era... and been replaced by dark money from worse sources with worse intentions. David Koch’s foundation has given a ton of money to fine arts, museums, medical research etc. So, thank you sir for the good you’ve done in your life, may it ultimately outweigh the bad. Godspeed.
  5. skinsfan_1215

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Housing market is weird too. Y/Y sales may be a tick higher but you’ve gotta remember than a year ago we were dealing with a sudden spike to interest rates that kind of shocked the market. Right now prices are inflated because rates are low again and more importantly inventory is horrible. Just not a lot of people looking to sell right now, I think a lot due to uncertainty around the market and a potential recession. But even then, houses that would have sold in days two years ago are sitting for weeks or even months depending on the area.
  6. Since Keenum is getting starter reps I don't really feel any need to watch... I've watched a little preseason just to see how Haskins looked but have zero interest otherwise. I'll keep an eye on twitter and maybe flip over to the Skins to see a Haskins possession, but that's about it.
  7. I honestly think Archer departing early messed with them. You spend all day preparing for a starting pitcher, and it still usually takes one or two times through the order to start getting to him consistently. Suddenly they’re facing a couple decent relievers and only seeing each of them once.
  8. And then hockey starts. Caps window might be closed but honestly I’d rather watch an 80 year old Ovechkin skating around with a walker on tennis balls than have to sit through a 16 game Skins season. Which I’m gonna do anyway. Because I hate myself.
  9. skinsfan_1215

    NYT: The 1619 Project

    Education resources on Pulitzer's site: Full issue of the 1619 project fo free (you're welcome):
  10. skinsfan_1215

    Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Easy thing here would be for Herring to decline to defend the law. Should lead to many/most of the confederate statues across the state coming down.
  11. skinsfan_1215

    The Parenting Thread II - Advice, Tips, Etc

    I "volunteered" to coach my kid's fall Tball team starting on Saturday. Pray for me.
  12. With Voth rehabbing and Scherzer back soon we've got two extra rotation pitchers that have pitched well at times this year. I think Ross has earned the 5th starter slot for now. Any thoughts on potentially giving Voth a shot in the bullpen? I'd probably want to keep Fedde stretched out in the minors in case Ross starts struggling or there is an injury. I swear to God if Harper walks us off in the wild card game I am going to track you down and drive however far it is to where you are so I can slap you in the face for this post.
  13. I’m absolutely not accepting anything until we determine exactly what “he belongs to intelligence” meant (and why he was gifted such a generous plea deal because of it). Considering “intelligence” is one of the only organizations with the means of pulling off a faked-suicide murder (especially within a jail cell), imo what happened to him is extremely open ended at this point.
  14. The single (early) trade deadline absolutely screwed us this year. We now officially have another big bullpen need with no way to fill it.
  15. I’m getting too old for this, guys.