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  1. I voted for her yesterday and was happy to do it.
  2. Couple things from the article I linked above “You’re likely to get the coronavirus” and the one below... Basically, you’re probably going to get it, it’s roughly 20x as deadly as the flu with no vaccine or no built up immunity year over year and a 20% chance of developing more serious symptoms. Could be looking at something that kills tens of millions a year, just based on how widespread it could get. More than 80% of patients have mild disease and will recover, 14% have severe disease including pneumonia and shortness of breath, 5% have critical disease including respiratory failure, septic shock and multi-organ failure, and 2% of cases are fatal,” Tedros said in Geneva. “The risk of death increases the older you are.” —————— The emerging consensus among epidemiologists is that the most likely outcome of this outbreak is a new seasonal disease—a fifth “endemic” coronavirus. With the other four, people are not known to develop long-lasting immunity. If this one follows suit, and if the disease continues to be as severe as it is now, “cold and flu season” could become “cold and flu and COVID-19 season.”
  4. I must not check my 401k balance. I must not check my 401k balance. I must not
  5. Saw it pointed out earlier that, while our hospitals are good, we also have a healthcare system where tens of millions of our citizens have to choose between medical care and feeding their families/losing their houses/bankruptcy. Not particularly conducive to people seeking care early when their symptoms might be mild. And this thing can be contagious for a long time before severe symptoms start.
  6. So far he’s looked like a prospect you don’t want to fast track ... this spring will tell us a lot I think (noticed he got his first error the other day). Having him worrying about his defense while also trying not to look like a fool against big league breaking balls is really not ideal. I hope he earns the job in a big way in the next month, but I’m willing to bet Rizzo has something else up his sleeve in the event it doesn’t work out.
  7. skinsfan_1215

    Katherine Johnson of 'Hidden Figures' fame dies at 101

    So glad her story was told.
  8. ^saw elsewhere speculation that they botched the headline and 50 was the number of cases, not fatalities, in Qom. Which makes a lot more sense because we were at 8 fatalities/28 cases yesterday.
  9. re emergency funding... who could have ever seen this coming? (Articles above from 2 and 3 years ago) On the other hand, this disease has a fatality rate of 15%+ for those over 80. It impacts those over 50 far more severely than those under 40. Given that, it has the potential to significantly hasten the demographic change that republicans are so afraid of.
  10. Certainly humbling to imagine an illness with a long, contagious incubation period like this one, with a fatality rate of 10%, 25%, 50%, etc... we aren’t prepared to deal with something like that. Society would break down. Our global economy would collapse. And that kind of virus is probably out there... no telling when or where it could pop up.
  11. That’s not the case for the international cases. They’ve discovered cases with no known link to China or any other cases. That means we’ve had people spreading the disease internationally without realizing they have it. Iran- 28 cases but 6 fatalities already. That means based on the fatality rate observed in China, we’re expecting to find another 500 or cases in that country. And until they do, it’s spreading. Public health officials are estimating there could be 500k+ cases globally, which means the window to potentially contain it is gone. It’s going to be as widespread as the flu by this time next year, only with no vaccine and 10x as deadly.
  12. He sells social safety net programs better than anyone. There’s a chance that his anti-establishment message also attracts some of the anti-politician vote that tipped to Trump (who appealed to blue collar voters with bull****). I think there’s a chance that Bernie is actually the Democrats strongest candidate against Trump, contrary to conventional wisdom. Also a chance that convention wisdom is 100% right and he gets his ass kicked. I guess we’ll find out .
  13. skinsfan_1215

    The Beer Thread

    My last beer was Dec 29th. While I miss it, I’ve also dropped 16lb since then. Sigh...
  14. Appears the “window of opportunity” for containing this may be closed. It’s going around the world, and it’s going to stop until vaccines are available. Could be years.
  15. re Buttigeig... I mean true. But this is a primary, so gotta go with the folks with better odds of defeating trump imo. Pete is incredibly intelligent and articulate. Extremely skilled politician. I think he’s got a good shot at the presidential nomination... in 2028. Need him to win a senate seat or governorship to pump up the resume. At least a congressional seat.