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  1. skinsfan_1215

    The Outer Space Thread

  2. The past week has been devastating to her odds of being the VP pick over Kamala Harris.
  3. I’m 31 and have a 4 year old, 2.5 year old, and a 1 year old. Shoulda stuck with my generation’s trends.
  4. skinsfan_1215

    The Liquor Thread

    Today I finally got my hands on a bottle of Virginia Distillery Company’s newly released flagship American Single Malt whisky: Courage and Conviction. I live not too far from them and have been eagerly anticipating this release. Really cool story behind their origin and what they are trying to do with distilling a premium American single malt. It’s a small but growing segment of american whisky and they have spared no expense.
  5. skinsfan_1215

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    Hey this thread is for me. I’ve recently purchased a decent bit of backpacking gear. There have been a lot of great sales at REI and lately. It’s a hobby I’m looking to get into more especially as my kids get older and can come with me. I’ve always loved hiking but haven’t ever done an overnight backpacking trip. That changes soon. I live 7 miles (by road) from the Appalachian Trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Shenandoah National Park, so there are tons of great spots nearby for me.
  6. Congrats Sacks... n’ Stuff.
  7. skinsfan_1215

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    I believe it’s a commonly available generic drug so I don’t think it’s that. Dude marked up a hurricane map with a damn sharpie just because he couldn’t take the L. Your second theory is spot on. He’s going to poison himself just to prove a point.
  8. skinsfan_1215

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    Hello DIYers. Advice requested regarding the desired installation of a shower door. See pics... Is there anything available that would allow me to mount a door directly to the tile, given the absurd angle the builder elected to use? Really trying to avoid having to redo the walls.
  9. skinsfan_1215

    The Liquor Thread

    Quoting myself simply because I’m several drinks in and just switched over to Lagavulin and goddamn this is a fine whisky.
  10. skinsfan_1215

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    you can probably find black supremacist content on pornhub, no need for a thread on ES
  11. skinsfan_1215

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Got an 8lb pork butt going on at midnight. Seasoned generously with course salt and black pepper, bit of cayenne mixed in.
  12. skinsfan_1215

    Why do you hate the President of the United States?

    Because he constantly spews toxicity directed at minorities, the press, and politics opponents. And his supporters follow him down that rabbit hole. It’s dangerous and people have died because of it. Because he’s utterly corrupt and makes decisions for the country that are financially self-serving. And he attracts others to his orbit that do the same. Because he’s both utterly incompetent and has installed an advisory group that is also full of incompetence. And now people are dying for it. These are all objectively factual statements, not opinions. I’ve gotta run but that covers it at a high level.
  13. skinsfan_1215

    The Liquor Thread

    Try Lagavulin 8 if you haven’t yet. Lagavulin is my favorite Islay scotch and they make a fine younger whisky at half the price of the 16.
  14. skinsfan_1215

    The Liquor Thread

    Highland Park is on my list to try. What are your impressions compared to Lagavulin/Ardbeg or even something a little gamer like Caol Ila or Talisker?