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  1. Incredibly relieved by the verdict. This country desperately needed at least a little bit of justice in a high profile case like this.
  2. Mother in law got the J&J shot over the weekend despite the pause. Gotta love Walmart pharmacies.
  3. The only reason you’d want to get a lawyer and fight it is if you had a reason to. One of those reasons would be that you got a reckless driving charge and not a simple speeding ticket. Not the case here. I’ve heard of stories where if you call and reschedule your court date, and the cop doesn’t show up, the ticket will get tossed. If he was running radar and writing a lot of speeding tickets, all the court dates will be the same day so he only has to go to court one day. If you reschedule to another day, he may not show up. But that’s a lot of hassle for no guaranteed benefit.
  4. You will not take coffee away from me.
  5. Not thrilled with any of the DC/govt themed options I’ve seen. WFT, WFC, and DCFC are meh. Of those I dislike DCFC the least. Of the alliterative names, Warthogs is dumb, Warriors is boring. Wolves is cool. I prefer that to Redwolves by a significant margin and I think it’s my personal preference.
  6. It’s the same dosage. Just don’t cross up the Moderna and Pfizer shots bc the microchips aren’t compatible.
  7. I believe there has been some longterm data from Pfizer and Moderna that indicated they reduced transmission of the virus by 90 or 95%. But not 100%.
  8. I think Scherzer ends up signing a 3ish year contract extension at a reasonable price and finishing his career here.
  9. Been dealing with 4 vaccine-skeptic family members for months. Two of them got their shots, one *finally* signed up for the J&J shot this Saturday. Incredibly frustrating decision to pause those vaccines after extremely rare side effects that may or may not be related to the shot.
  10. IIRC Games 2 and 3 were the doubleheader and they gave Stras the second game for whatever reason (matchups, perhaps). So I guess Davey just decided to keep the rotation the same even though the amount of rest Fedde and Stras are on is practically equal.
  11. If it had any impact at all, it almost certainly swung the election given how tight the margin was. And judging by how half country lost their collective mind sometime between 2015 and now, I’m going to say it had a big impact. Re Kilimnik- I think the Mueller report hedged a little and stated he had “ties to the GRU,” while the Senate Intelligence report explicitly said he was a Russian intelligence officer.
  12. Since we’re apparently never going to know and there’s no accountability, I guess it’s reduced to conspiracy theory at this point... Russian intelligence’s social media propaganda 100% swung the 2016 election. Donald Trump absolutely was (at minimum) aware of the Russian efforts to aid his campaign. And he absolutely was favorable to them while he was in office to repay them. Beyond that, if there was any dirt ahead of time or whatever, who knows. edit- a lot of the puzzle pieces out there are established fact, but the biggest one connecting Trump directly to the conspir
  13. Well we have 100m vaccine doses given out and a 0.00000% fatality rate associated with them. Even the most “low risk” young adult demographics for covid have at least a 1 in 1000 chance of dying from covid, plus whatever odds of longterm side effects. Add on the social benefit of getting vaccinated (you have a 90+ chance of not passing on the virus even if you are exposed to it), and yeah there really is no excuse based on the amount of data to hold out.
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