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  1. If they’re not in a position to compete next year and they don’t think there’s a great chance they can resign Trea, he absolutely should be on the block. Either now or in the off-season.
  2. Note that Trea Turner, with a contract expiring after next year, falls in this group too. I had considered this… he’s *by far* the most valuable trade piece they have, and if they’re going into a rebuild where they won’t be competitive for a year or two, resigning him becomes tough and might not make sense for the team.
  3. I’ve been wondering how much of it is the fact that people seem to have given anti-vax folks a little bit of breathing room out of some thought that if you tell them they’re idiots they won’t be as receptive to listening to facts. An example is the commercial that’s been running with a former governor of MD saying he and his wife got vaccinated and “while the choice to get vaccinated might not be easy, it’s the right choice.” Dude, it’s the easiest ****ing choice anyone should ever have to make. Don’t acknowledge that getting vaccinated is a hard choice, then you’re leaning right int
  4. @PCS I’ve been keeping an eye on Tamarack too, as my brother lives in South Lake Tahoe. Got to within I think 10-15 miles of their house, but the northward movement seems to have stalled out and it’s headed east into Nevada the past two days.
  5. It’s absolutely horrible. They aren’t keeping the rule for the postseason, are they?
  6. Believe he was a Carolina League all star a couple years ago before his bull**** PED suspension followed by the canceled covid season. Glad he’s gotten back on track.
  7. Pretty sure you can just head to any walk in clinic or pharmacy that has them in. Also, some doctors are encouraging it. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/20/dr-vin-gupta-encourages-jj-vaccine-recipients-to-get-a-pfizer-or-moderna-booster.html
  8. Also worth noting that there is absolutely nothing stopping J&J people from getting a dose of Pfizer or Moderna.
  9. Their trip to space was not long, but at least it had decent girth.
  10. Really interesting odds there and it’s notable because it factors in strength of schedule remaining. Phillies are the favorites and they’re currently two games back. Braves have better odds than the Mets and they’re four games back. I believe this team could go on a run, but we’ll need a big bat at the trade deadline. I still want Kris Bryant. Our lineup would be brutal once Schwarber is back.
  11. With Cubs selling, I wonder what it would cost to get Bryant… shouldn’t be horrible for a 2 month rental. Bumps Castro to the bench but he’d be a good late inning D swap for Harrison and a really solid pinch hitting option. Bryant would also be able to play LF until Schwarber is back. Mets rumored to be interested too, not surprising and I assume most contenders would be interested. Sept lineup with Bryant looking goddamn loaded: Schwarber Turner Soto Bryant Bell/Zim Harrison Gomes Robles
  12. I see you’ve posted recently so congrats on not being dead. How are you feeling, two weeks later?
  13. He just turned 18 last month and is already 6’3” 215lb. He’s got room to fill out to 240. I believe that power grade.
  14. @tshile I’m not gonna be super helpful for some of your Charlottesville questions, but I’ve lived along 151 for most of my life so if you end up making it out this way I’d be happy to give you some pointers. There’s like a dozen wineries, three breweries, and two cideries along a 15 mile stretch of highway in the Rockfish Valley. Beautiful mountain views here, tons of Airbnb’s, heard good things about the wine but I’m not a wine guy. If you want to do any hiking, this is also a nice place to be. Similarly in this area, my wife has said good things about the spa at Wintergreen Resort.
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