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  1. It's early but does Cleveland have a shot at 0-16 (or 0-20, given that they lost all their preseason games too)? Given their level of dysfunction, there aren't that many games left in which they've got a real shot. I can't understand why people go to those games - it really is a factory of sadness. There's really no hope for that team in the foreseeable future.
  2. Now members of the armed services are protesting during the anthem: Sailor refuses to salute during the anthem And of course she has to post about it on Facebook, etc. Sometimes I wonder if this generation is really just looking for attention.
  3. Economic interests aren't everything, and certainly aren't the only thing.
  4. Any actual evidence that the young are any less likely than the old to make foolish and/or short-sighted decisions? Judging by social media alone, the young are prone to quite a bit of skull-slapping stupidity.
  5. It's a two-way street. You know what they say about leading horses to water, don't you? Not everyone WANTS to be smarter.
  6. I think you're mostly correct, but the other side of that is, the rest of the world isn't sitting still either. Nations in Africa and Asia are also trying to climb the soccer ladder and soccer may be a more primary sport in some of them. It's going to be really interesting to see how much of an effect the recent boom in soccer popularity translates to USMNT success in the next 10-15 years. It's just amazing how common seeing European club jerseys being worn around here (the DMV) has become, and you're right that access to the games on cable has been a big part of that, along with the growth
  7. Maybe this has been asked already, and I just missed it, but . . . Constitutional/philosophical concerns aside, how effective would sweeping gun restrictions be, as a practical matter? I've seen stats placing the number of firearms in the US at over 300 million, so even if an outright ban were announced tomorrow, with very narrow exceptions for police/military users only, would it really have much of an effect? We had prohibition and people who wanted alcohol could still get it; we have drug prohibitions and yet people can still get drugs. If we have gun prohibition, would it really have
  8. I've got some friends from there who are Browns fans, and I just feel so bad for them. The Browns are just a disaster, and I don't see that changing anytime real soon. Plus, they play in one of the tougher divisions in the NFL. I don't know why anyone goes to those games, unless it's to root for the other team.
  9. Leonsis does it because he can. The Caps usually win, at least for now, the demand is there for their tickets. You think DC United or any other team in town wouldn't charge those prices if they thought the fans would actually pay it?
  10. I'm a fan, too, and I won't pay it. It's your call. The NFL/fan relationship is amazing in a way. Fans complain all the time about paying so much money for parking, tickets, concessions, merchandise, etc., especially if their team is awful and hopeless for the near future (why does anyone pay $$ to attend a Cleveland game?!?), yet those fans keep coming back, back to the ever-rising prices, the demands from owners that the public pay for new stadiums, the threats of relocation, etc. It's like an abusive relationship, and the abused fans keep coming back for more. I never saw the draw
  11. "Selfish"? I'm like you, a fan, not an owner, There's a better chance you'll own LFC or a similar team in your lifetime than I ever will, so don't confuse on whose side I reside. I'm just stating the obvious - almost nobody leaves money on the table. If you were offered a raise at work, you'd probably take it, and if you were offered a discount on a purchase, you'd probably take that too. And that's fine, I'd do the same. And so will owners, which is what they're doing here. Maybe you're right, that this will embitter the fan base and prove to be short-term smart but long-term foolish.
  12. Good luck to these fans, but the laws of economics are not subject to repeal. Something of limited supply cannot be both desired by many and also remain cheap. Football IS very affordable - just not the teams you and the vast majority of fans want to see.
  13. No, a "customer" would be driven away by higher ticket prices, and find some other way to spend their entertainment dollars (or pounds). Greedy owners want the hardcore fans, the kind of fan who is not sensitive to price increases and who will still be there if the team is awful. Basically, greedy owners are looking to exploit your loyalty as a weakness to be used against you.
  14. If English fans take a strong stand on ticket prices, good for them and best of luck to 'em. On this side of the pond, it's nice to see at least a few NFL fans waking up to how they're getting fleeced by billionaire owners, and some municipalities are actually getting reluctant to hand owners hundreds of millions of public dollars to build stadiums. I can only hope this trend continues. I don't know that our country's sports cultures are all that different. Certainly, when it comes to college and professional (American) football, we have more than our fair share of unhealthy obsessives
  15. I wonder if that's truly healthy level of obsession but regardless, if it's THAT important, you're going to have to pay for it. You're right that fans are the single most important aspect of the game, but they consistently fail to leverage that power. Sure, they grumble about ticket prices, etc., but as long as they keep queuing up to pay the asking price, they're only funding their own fleecing. A walkout is nice and all, but a boycott would be better. Look at the Redskins - when the 100K waitlist disappeared and Redskins tickets went from being the hottest ticket in town to something you
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