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  1. Really? like random people around the world are going to come into a Redskins fan sight, read a post in the comment section dedicated to all things Redskins, about a player that hasn't been on the team in 59 days, and then hold the entire ExtremeRedskin fanbase in ill-repute? And their opinion would affect you in what way? Oh my! Egad! Seems a little over-reacting. You could have just ignored the comment and it would probably have never been mentioned again.
  2. I don't necessarily disagree with this. IMO, once his disgruntled attitude becomes public, I don't know if/or how long it will take, for his value to change and go back up. In my head, if he is at that spot right now, making him play out his contract isn't going to change his opinion. I think the risk is having it get worse and become a bigger distraction in the lockerroom. Then, all value is lost. I guess it comes down to chosing between two lesser options. It would seem RR thinks along that line as well. It is never ideal to have to chose between 2 lesser options. Unfor
  3. Funny thing is, fair market value is what a team acutally pays for a trade....not necessarily what value you place or want. There comes a point when a team has to decide if the difference is worth keeping it from happening. In this case, they decided the difference wasn't enough to outway the advantages for the team moving him. I get it that you disagree with that assessment. At this point, imo, the new regime hasn't earned a reason to be skeptical about their decision process.
  4. So, trading (getting rid of) a player that we are paying less than you think he he is worth for somenthing less than what you want him to be worth? hmmmm., and that is the casue of our woes? Trading a player (for less) hurts the player because they are still making less than what they want, the new team has a bargaining chip against the player in future contract negotiations (player reputation as a clubhouse distraction that was sent packing) , and now they have to learn a new system and impress an entirely new staff of coaches. And here I thought it was bad coaching and not holding players
  5. I get it. I think, sometimes with younger players like QD, once he goes public, make him someone else's problem. This attitude, while being in the league less than 5 years, gives the distinct impression that he will continue to be a problem as his career progresses. Why allow that in your lockerroom when you are creating a culture you want.
  6. I don't understand why people thinking moving a disgruntled player motivates other players to be disgruntled. These a grown men and professional athletes. I think it gives way to much power to a former player saying they still have sway in our lockerroom. If our player base is so uninvested in being professionals and workng hard for what they get, then we shouldn't want them anyway(more at QD, not TW). If they want to be taken seriously in the league - which will equate to better pay and opportunities, they better learn to think differently. I think this is more you are unhappy
  7. I am curious, too, because Michael Irvin made it sound like Cooper was pretty open about wanting to stay a Cowboy for life, so I wonder how that would have affected the bid. Did they really feel they had a chance, or were they throwing a something against the wall and hoping it would stick? I mean, $22M per could be pretty persuasive for most players. If his agent made it known to come BIG or don't bother, and they threw that out hoping to get a chance to wine & dine and tweak/close, I can understand. At those numbers, $2m per wasn't enough of a jump to pull him off his desire to stay
  8. I saw a segment where Michael Irvin said it was a contract worth $2M more per year than what he got, but didn't say how long the contract was for. that I don't know Cali....I agree it would be interesting to know.
  9. You act as if the HC is in the training room during the game when he is being examined. He better be on the sideline, not hanging out babysitting hurt players in the locker room being examined. The owner working his way into the locker/training room to check on his biggest investment in players, okay. And if he tells to a young player who is trying to prove himself and is willing to take risks - listen to the doctor, good. Shows he has a little common sense, anyway. Don't make this out to be anything more than it is.
  10. We have seen week in and week out how Tress Way goes about business as an ultimate professional and has deserved the Pro-Bowl nod before. But now, no more waiting!!!! The league has finally given him his due! Congrats Tress! next up is MVP!!! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001089218/article/nfl-reveals-rosters-for-2020-pro-bowl-in-orlando
  11. they reset the clock to 8 seconds, adding 2 seconds back on , listening to the ref after the review
  12. nice seeing Josh Norman not even attempt to make contact as he runs along beside the RB.
  13. 19 Bills 6 Redskins Our D holds them to field goals, after fighting field position all day. Haskins gives up a pick 6
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