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  1. Which is my point a lot of NFL people might not know Kyle Smith. After reading up on some of his work, he was a part of the legion of Boom drafts in Seattle. He has been praised by Ron Rivera for his talent evaluation.
  2. Why do people keep writing off Eric Stokes? He could very well be a better talent evaluator then Kyle. We fall in love so much with the home grown person, that we don't believe someone could be a better hire. He was a Fritz Pollard Sout of the Year recipient and he's been praised by RR for is talent evaluation. If he is what some think he's capable of then Kyle Smith is not needed.
  3. Maybe we have a better Kyle Smith in Eric Stokes???? It seems he has been the one on a path to transition from scouting to GM. You can't just look at the draft to determine how good he has been, because Hurney had final say in Carolina. Maybe all of there draft hits were scouted by Stokes. Maybe he is a better talent evaluator then Kyle? I don't know but it seems as though Ron believes this.
  4. Question for the more informed posters? Could we keep Kyle Smith as well as adding Hurney and Mayhew? This seems like a better front office to me, with Hurney as the GM, doing all of the other responsibilities of a GM except player personnel. Which would give Ron someone he trust in that regard. Then by adding Mayhew with Kyle Smith to complete the roster rebuild with Kyle focusing on the draft and Mayhew focusing on trades and FA.
  5. Knee Jerk reactions is jumping up and down for a player whose never even won a game, playoffs or regular season and got injured in Both Starts (IR first injury). Has 2 TDs and 4 INT in his 2 combined games. Had a chance to tie it in the 4th Quarter and took a bad Sack. People are anointing him QB of the future. GTFOH!!!!!
  6. And after 1 game Your acting like he's Patrick Mahomes with those numbers. Glad your not our GM
  7. I just don't understand how anyone can make an assessment of his qb play after 1 game. He's started 2 regular season games in this system 1 in Carolina and last night. The first game with way better weapons Mccaffrey, DJ Moore, Samuels, Devin Funchess he was 33-53 274yds 1 TD and 3 Int against a 6-9 ATL team. They loss 24-10. Whose to say he doesn't have more performances like that???? I want to find out, but with a true competition.
  8. Boy I hope not . Please No Cam!!!!
  9. Right because they drafted Will Grier. Had Cam and Allen already as the 1 and 2. It was a numbers game
  10. Wasn't he cut because they drafted Will Grier that draft. He had 1 game 2018 in this system and was 33-53 for 274yds 1 TD and 3 Int. Hurt his elbow and was placed on IR. They re-signed him and then drafted Will Grier and cut him after the draft.
  11. Why do you keep saying Heinicke, you asked me about Haskins?????
  12. And I'm 46 and remember all those Superbowls, Greatest Superbowl Ever. I grew up around RFK. But you asked me if that was Haskins would I say he's the qb of the future and my answer is Hell No. I'm not anointing nobody with 1 good game and a bunch of Bad games.
  13. Ok agree to disagree, and it's not that I don't like Heinicke. I just haven't seen enough to come to that conclusion. If it happens I hope y'all are right.
  14. I can see this logic if that were the case, but you could get Allen Robinson, Stafford and your 1st, 2 3rds and more FA. We are possibly going to have over 60mil in Cap Space by Cutting Alex This is mismanagement, we haven't done nothing with our 2nd rounders. So according to your logic, that 4th rounder and keeping 20mil out of 60mil in Cap Space is better than Stafford
  15. If you could get Stafford for a 2nd and 4th and he only counts 20mil against the cap, you would rather not sign him and just roll with Heinicke?????
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