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  1. Lorenzo Alexander said something in the post game live, that is the most believable reason Dwayne is benched. He stated the NFL is about relationships and he thinks Rivera has a relationship with Allen that he doesn't have with Haskins. He stated that Allen will be given a better chance and longer leash to succeed not that he studies harder than Dwayne, or any of the other narratives.
  2. Don't think I'm being weird, but just a realist!!! Im sorry if you really believe the narrative and all the different things coming out from this organization. Just look at the end of game interviews. We were not calling timeouts because we were teaching not trying to win, now we're going for 2 because we're teaching how to win
  3. So what is it???? Is he a hard worker or not??? If you're telling me that all off-season he's been working hard and then after 4 weeks he doesn't work hard, just sounds unreasonable. If you don't think he's good I can deal with that!!! But don't let the narrative or leaks coming out be he's not a hard worker. Cause then you don't look good as a coach, if months of praise you find out after 4 weeks you were wrong.
  4. What story is true????? Haskins was studying and working extra hard during the off-season, now he doesn't work hard enough?????? Just seems the narrative on Haskins changes week to week
  5. Please stop with all the Trevor Lawrence talk, he would come here and suck. This organization will never be able to win with Snyder
  6. Defense from last year to present 2019 2020 Sacks per game 10th 7th Yards per game 27th 15th 3rd Down Per% 32nd 12th Points Per Game 27th 22nd It's a process, but it is improving
  7. Only way this team and organization can get better is Snyder sells and we go back to DC. Team is worst ever.
  8. Can someone explain why Dallas is in 1st place, we beat div game Phi. They beat ATL?????
  9. I can say at least I've seen half time adjustments
  10. Just terrible, don't see any difference between last year and this year
  11. The sad part about the NFL voting Dan out, he only needs 7 people to keep him. It would take 24 to vote him out. Don't think he would have a problem getting 7 people to keep him. The NFC East would keep him just so they can continue to whip his a$$.
  12. Can someone (MODS) tell me what will happen to this site, once the name changes?
  13. Can we take over the NBA D-League Capital City Go-Go name and logo?
  14. Why we have to keep anything original. Lets go with the DC Komodo Dragons!! Get rid of Washington, anything Red, let's just go by DC.
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