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  1. Yeah the guy who no one likes who somehow finds his way in front of the net when no one else can seem to get there, that Wondo.
  2. A bit subdued in this thread for a major gameday. Would like to see Wondo and Beckerman tonight, team needs a spark.
  3. His stats are close while shooting less. The Terps also have scorers at all 5 positions unlike years past. This is hardly anyone's fault.
  4. I simply do not understand the Jake hate here. He is way better than 2 years ago. 50%+ from the field, 40%+ from behind the arc, 80%+ FT. In fact, I think he might have played himself into a late 1st round pick.
  5. Kodi is a media player. I have it on Fire TV, but you can download it to most media devices including Smart TVs. After it is installed you can load add-ons to it that enable you to stream music, sports, shows and films from different internet sources.
  6. I felt Kansas was the one who got the shaft. They get UConn immediately, then get MD (probably), then Miami or Villanova. They may play 4 straight against teams ranked 1 or 2 at some point this year.
  7. Got a bit of bum luck with being seeded in NDs bracket, meaning they undervalued MD or ND a couple of spots. Baylor was clearly the worst of the 1 seeds. IMO. Elite 8 is pretty much a lock.
  8. While Layman had horrendous games, his pt avg was consistent with his career while taking fewer shots. In essence he was more efficient and set highs in both FG% and 3%. People had high expectations of him. Same goes for Sulaimon. He met or exceeded all realistic expectations. Maryland's problem is simple. They have no real 6th man who can handle the ball, play defense, and hit a shot once in a while. That would have been Wiley. There isn't much point in blaming the 5 starters, who all had pretty good years.
  9. Terps will roll in this one unless SDS shoots 70% from the arc. They have zero inside presence, just work the ball to Stone and Carter. MD got a perfect 1st round opponent, IMO.
  10. My guess is he just doesn't want to risk injury. He is not as fearless as he used to be. I don't put everything on Trimble, the team is not shooting well and hasn't been for 1/2 a season. If they have a shooting coach, he needs to be fired.
  11. Kickbacks to local coaches. Shoes. And of course, money, drugs, and strippers. It's pretty obvious that his delivery of Diggs and Hall sealed his job at Bama. He is very good at what he does. But he is also not the only fish in the pond anymore. It will get dirty.
  12. You really have to figure out your antenna issue. I have an antenna (rabbit ears) in my basement and it works just fine. If your house is wired for cable, you can also hook it up in the attic and use it from a wall outlet.
  13. They shouldn't need Stone to beat Minny. If the team has become too reliant on him inside, then he better not have a bad game in the tourney. I still would bet heavily on making the Elite 8.
  14. Melo was clearly not in charge last night. Last year he would have taken that late steal to the basket. This year he shoots late airballs and dishes when he has a clear lane because he has no confidence in anything he does. He needs to watch some old game footage. Still plenty of time.
  15. however, he discovered that his fiance might be pregnant with another man's baby, so he picks up the 2nd woman and has payback sex. Turns out the fiance was not pregnant. Whoops. And the fiance then bails him out of jail. So it appears all these good people are going to go on with their lives. God bless the internet.
  16. Getting a healthy dose of WCAC guys every year is going to get the snowball rolling. You can't get every DeMatha, GC and St. John's kid, but you have to get 5-6 at least to get word of mouth out there. Plus, you have to win. No way around that.
  17. In last 10 games #1 Oklahoma has won 6 of 8 by 10 points or less and lost 2. They have 2 blowout wins against horrible teams. Close games are the norm. The NCAA tournament is going to be a nailbiter.
  18. Maryland has made remarkable inroads into the local base in the last few years without a winning program and without a top shelf practice facility. They will have the latter and we hope the former. Do not underestimate the future of this program with the recruiting team in place. Half of this recruiting class was assembled in the last month.
  19. So far what was expected. Some really big athletes are declaring this afternoon and that will decide whether it was a very good haul or a great haul.
  20. Great story. As far as injuries go, a bone break is far less than a ligament tear, so he has a shot at 100% recovery. While they project him as a LB, he could also be a heck of a RB after a year of rehab and training.
  21. Will there be a shock/surprise on signing day? Hall/Jones/Diggs? Anyone else feel that someone might jump to the Terps?
  22. Terps get commit from Max Bortenschlager. http://www.testudotimes.com/maryland-terrapins-football-recruiting/2016/1/30/10877246/max-bortenschlager-commits-indiana-buffalo The highlights look impressive. Does everything that no MD QB has done in years. Huge arm, throws really well on the run.
  23. Line on this game opened at MD -1 and ended at MD -5.5. Somebody sure knew something. Layman is the key to a deep tourney run. He shoots awful and MD beats a solid team by 6. Imagine what will happen on a good night.
  24. Haskins was/is quite obviously a bit of a mercenary. Would anyone be surprised if he transferred in a few years?
  25. I agree, but those schools are most certainly NOT QB factories. The top QBs in the NFL have come from everywhere but OSU and Alabama.
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