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  1. Since NK is little more than a puppet dictatorship run by the Chinese, I doubt we'll see much different. It has to be the saddest place on earth.
  2. No question. But scoring comes from controlling and creating in the midfield, and the US did a pretty good job of that last night with an average lineup. They did not score, but they shot the ball instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, and earned some corners. I guess I am saying that I can see an improvement. Jurgen has a year or 2 to find a finisher and I think he will.
  3. Actually I'll judge it right now. We threw a lesser squad and on the field and moved the ball as well as I have seen in years. It would have been great to see someone step up and score without Donovan in the lineup. Gave up a cheapie because the defense was asleep. Jurgen has the team playing, he really needs to find a goal scorer.
  4. It collapsed 5-10 years ago, but without Stubhub as proof, nobody but us season tickets holders knew. We could scream from the top of Fedex that thousands of tickets were/are available to any game for someone who wants to drive out there on gameday and spend $20 and nobody listened.
  5. There are better deals on CL. Or just go to the game and pick up tix from desperate fans for dollars.
  6. You do realize that this was the plan. Klinsmann was not about to commit early lapses so he kept 9 back. The 2nd half he let them go. Neither team had their best 11 on the field so I would not concede that the Mexican team on the field was better than the American team on the field. In fact the Americans had many more quality chances and the Mexicans were lucky to leave with draw.
  7. Klinsmann's debut was nearly perfect. He played a tight first half and them let them loose in the 2nd. Brek Shea showed flashes of stardom and Rogers will be in his prime in 2014. It will be interesting to see how many players get on the field in the next 2 years for the US. Jurgen will give a lot of guys a look.
  8. We have a problem with perception. Our MLS players are not necessarily unskilled, they are caught in a catch-22. They cannot up their game without foreign experience, and foreign governments do not consider the MSL a high enough level to hand out the visas necessary to get the foreign experience. An equally skilled young Brazilian player has no problem.
  9. I guess since WC qualifying is starting now was the time. I did not hate the guy nearly as much as others and I think he leaves the team in good standing. Overall I give Bradley a B during his tenure, it could have been a bit better and a whole lot worse.
  10. Which makes this so odd. Most umpires, like the rest of us, would not deprive a guy of a perfect game unless the runner was 2 steps past first. It is obvious that Joyce was erring on the side of safe rather than out. Joyce could have still fixed the call by saying he got blocked, then having an umpire meeting to get the call right. He really screwed up.
  11. If you can't find it at the Brickskeller, I doubt it's existence.http://www.lovethebeer.com/beer-list.html Truthfully the Brickskeller used to order any beer they did not have. I have been on a Trappist Ale run. Chimay being my preference. Dry with a sweet finish. Don't pay $17 a bottle for it at some places, you can usually find it and a great many others for $11-12 at Rodman's. Just a plug for Rodman's, for those near NW or in MD, incredible selection at rock bottom prices.
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