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  1. No team is looser in the back than the Americans. The Jamaicans don't work the ball like the Mexicans, but they are indeed fast and speed has beaten the US several times. I expect a 3-2 type game.
  2. You'll see. U.S. has 5+ starters not in the Gold Cup due to commitments. Pulisic, Yedlin, Brooks, Wood, Johnson, Chandler, Cameron all start or will see major time. Gooch, Green, Johansson, Boyd, Morales, Zelalem and others all have a year to get themselves on the team. So as you can see, the WC team will look very little like this Gold Cup team.
  3. Not just ES, most of those tiny nations make an abomination of the game. They whine, cry, roll on the ground for minutes over the tiniest contact. Mexico ain't much better, but at least they can play the game. Makes me laugh how these nations who live and die and breathe by the game, suck so bad at it.
  4. He is 1/2 Mexican. The fact that he is a Terp means I can't hate him too much, no matter how poor he plays on the back line. Klinsmann was right about him. Klinsmann was a horrible coach from a tactician standpoint, but he knows players.
  5. Yep. If you do not play the bottom of the roster against Martinique, when will you play them. Perfect opportunity in a real competition to get a look at some guys. It's evident that Klinsmann knew talent if nothing else, and was right about certain guys, particularly Gonzales and probably Corona. No business on the 1st squad. If Arena wants to win this, Bradley and Pulisic will be in the 6.
  6. Solid game for US development. Arena is putting players out there to see what they can do, hoping to find 4-5 surprises. It's refreshing. That said, man does the back line suck and man do the middies suck. There is almost no depth in US Soccer. Our 2nd team would get smoked by a mid level MLS team. Still I like what Arenas is doing and the kids will only get better with more minutes.
  7. Why? Skins get their money up front, end of discussion. Its good business to get the sure money each year than to go looking fro new customers. And the Skins are all about good business.
  8. St. Francis is the new big kid on the block, good to see a pipeline evolving.
  9. 80% of California peaked at 67%, which means for one very sunny, very windy second, roughly 1/2 of California's energy was from renewable (with a few caveats thrown in). A normal day is in the 20-25% range, a bad day is less than 10%. Meaning California relies on 90% imported and fossil fuels. We have a long way to go, even in the best of circumstances.
  10. Women Lacrosse Final Four Coaches consist of 3 former Terps vs their Coach at MD. You think there is some extra motivation?
  11. Prosecutors are in a bad spot also. The video here is damning and people are not interested in justice, they want flesh. If the prosecutor goes for Man 2, he is in cahoots with the cops. Plus he is in over his head already against an FOP lawyer that defends cops for a living and rarely, if ever, loses.
  12. The jurors are placed in an impossible situation. And once again the Prosecution probably flew too high with the charge.
  13. Assuming you have tried a medium sized antenna and it's a no go (distance has less to do with it than direction), download Kodi to the roku and find streams. It's how I watch football on some Sundays. Can be hit and miss as far as quality goes. the best is if you can find/get someone to stream the game on their Youtube channel.
  14. Government mandated capitalism is an even worse application.
  15. The insurance companies are pulling the plug on this. Doesn't really matter what Washington does. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/aetna-exiting-all-aca-insurance-marketplaces-in-2018/2017/05/10/9dedbeea-35d4-11e7-b373-418f6849a004_story.html?utm_term=.5e140c484af2
  16. I would take blue, orange, or pink. In all seriousness, it's very odd for a recruiter to go from a program with a new coach that desperately needs him, to essentially their arch rival. Broadus had to be very close to some recruits and now they are either coming to MD or not going to GTown. There has to be a story behind this.
  17. Georgetown is not the least bit relevant in big time men's basketball and they still recruited good players. Broadus is a big win for the Terps. Plus he gets to expand his recruiting to white players. Whole new world.
  18. I feel a bit for Ewing. The alumni were hoping to rid the program of the heavy hand of JTJ. This pick, justified or not, was a direct f'u to them. Ewing must succeed immediately and he really doesn't have the horses to do so. G'Town basketball is becoming a soap opera of Redskin proportions.
  19. His freshman year, when he played aggressively and drove to the basket every chance he got. Once he stopped driving, all he showed is that he is an average shooter. The NBA is no longer banging on the door.
  20. This infuriated me. By pressing, the other team gets roughly 15 seconds to set up and run their offense. Not pressing gives them about 25 to find a good shot. Xavier found good shots all night long. It doesn't take intense pressure, either.
  21. Turgeon didn't really have the horses this year. 3 starting freshman. No inside scoring ability. Melo is what Melo is, an above average NBA tweener. That said, the team can't play defense. They play almost strictly man to man, and they can't do it. When they are on offense, the other team packs in the zone and they are done. Xavier was 8-11 in their last 19 coming in. They aren't good. Neither was Northwestern. Yet both teams had adequate big men, played very solid zone defense, and MD played to their game. MD is a running team and never ran. That's on Turgeon.
  22. Rationally the road to the championship goes through UConn, so you play them eventually. IMO, UConn is the one who got screwed. The overall #1 is in the same bracket as the teams who easily could be overall #3 and #5.
  23. LOL. The Skins were doing this 15 years ago and I told them to pound sand they'll get their money when I give it to them. Sometimes it was in mid July. They are ecstatic to get anyone renewing, STH hold the cards.
  24. Hill could be special. He is incredibly strong and incredibly tough. Big arm and mobile. All the tools. That said, I'd like to see him bulk up even more and see what Henderson has in the tank.
  25. IN 2013 Alabama recruited 6 5* players Ru Foster All American, possible 1st Round NFL Pick OJ Howard Monster Game in this year's NC, NFL Draft pick Derrick Henry All American Heisman winner in NFL Ro Foster (RS) Not done much, hurt, should be a starter next season A'Shawn Robinson All American in NFL Jonathan Allen All American possible 1st round NFL Pick Yeeeesh.
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